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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

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The moment I let someone or something tell me what not to do for music, I’m quitting.
Why not play a 20 string guitar then...?;)
Limitation is everything, that's when the imagination loses its limits... or thats what they say...


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i'm pretty excited to finish the recording session i'm doing so i can download this (or the full release version). I'd love to do it now but don't want to risk making tonal changes when I frequently use the drive block.

thanks cliff and team!


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Glad for the authentic option!

Couple of questions.

Do all the original models have an input trim equivalent or is it still a easy access pickup output adjustment?

When turning poweramp section off, do you still have to compensate for the presence control changing functionality. Considering the models replicate the authentic controls now, is there a presence to adjust?

Or am i completely mistaken about everything?

Any guidance appreciated.


As a 11 years Fractal user, I've seen the enormous progress of Fractal's simulations, and I appreciated the fact that progressively less tweaking was necessary
to get an excellent and "real" sound. So I started using a minimalist approach to amp tweaking, because I love to "learn" what an amp can/can't do
as it was thought by the builder, before "modding" it (and without having to document me about every amp's controls). Yes, I use my III also for didactic purpose ;)
It is also very practical in case you need to retweak again after firmware changes, etc.
So I really love the new "autenthic controls" feature. But occasionally I also like using the "legacy" Fractal tone page just in case I need something "More", but the last Advanced page is really impractical for me. I think that (form MY way of working) MY ideal solution would be to simply add a second tone page called for ex. "original" where who (like me) likes tweaking before the original controls can start, but mantaining immediately after (or before) the "classic" Fractal tone page, without needing to reach the last page for a simple tone control
and without the need to globally choose one or the other approach.
Sorry for the long post and for my English


This is basically what us command line UNIX folks have been saying to the GUI people for 30 years... but there’s no doubt that GUIs contributed to greater ease of use and wider adoption.
Indeed not everyone enjoys computer programing per sè. Some if not most Axe Fx users come from music rather than programming. Its only natural to cater to them.


First of all, I'm STOKED about the Tone of Kings. First, the real pedal arrives in my mailbox. Later that SAME DAY, it's announced to be part of the next Helix firmware. Then today, I see it's been added to my Axe! I haven't got a chance to try it yet, but if it means I don't have to bring it and power it and connect it and worry about the dials changing, then I'm all for it.

I'm also excited about the Timothy 2! No idea what that could even be!

Mostly, though, I'm excited about the authentic controls. This is what has prevented me from getting more out of the unit; with over 100 parameters in the amp block, it's intimidating. I'd rather just turn the controls I'm familiar with, and now that's a possibility. I'm very curious to see how this is going to go over in the modeling community as a whole, though; since the complicated-ness of the Axe has always steered people toward the simplicity of the Helix and Boss stuff (not that dialing in the Axe is actually hard, but it seems like it's going to be).

Weirdly enough, I feel like I'll probably deep dive a bit more now that the authentic controls are all on one page, the line between basic editing and deep-diving is a bit more clear. I hope this change comes to Axe Edit as well :)


i promise i'm really not trying to split hairs here or be confrontational, nor am i judging specific statements or anyone personally.

I'd rather just turn the controls I'm familiar with, and now that's a possibility....
now that the authentic controls are all on one page, the line between basic editing and deep-diving is a bit more clear.
on average only a few basic tone controls are taken away from the Tone (Basics) page with this change depending on the amp. that's why i can't understand the "only now i can..." thoughts, or the "it's so much easier now."

were controls like Presence, Depth and Mids really complicating it so much? i typically hear people complaining about the advanced stuff like Negative Feedback, Sag, Transformer Match, etc. that's all still there in the same place and all not on the "Basic" tabs/pages. that stuff hasn't changed at all.

for example, on many amps, the "Basic editing" we had before had Presence and Depth, where the "Basic editing" now just doesn't have Presence and Depth. i can't see that being such a huge change in simplifying things.

this will be the last i comment on this topic, at least for a while. it just doesn't make too much sense to me. maybe people just haven't seen what's actually changed yet?

i'm just honestly really trying to understand this sentiment.

FAS: 'These advanced parameters you never used are now hidden away'
i know you were joking around a bit, but this sort of shows my point.

the advanced parameters are all in the same place as before. unless things like Mids, Presence and Depth are being considered as "advanced." i can't see those few additional basic knobs as "overwhelming options." the advanced stuff is still in the same exact place.

i swear, i'm just trying to understand!

i do understand having the authentic controls appear. i get it. i don't understand the "wow this is infinitely easier now" thing.


does it hurt? it looks like it hurts
no, it doesn't hurt. per amp, there are maybe 10% - 30% less controls on average showing on just one page of the amp block. the response compared to that doesn't correlate to me.

as i said, this is the last i'll comment on this topic for a while, aside from direct responses questions to me.


i'm just honestly really trying to understand this sentiment.
It is an amp modeler. Everything about the amp, it's uniqueness, it's mojo, whatever you want to call it, is being modeled. A lot of these amps are unfamiliar to some of us. We've never had access to these amps in real life. I can understand that it's a nice thought to say to us that we should just use our ears, turn a few knobs, only some knobs, or no knobs and go with what sounds good. But since the amp is modeled with such authenticity, it's nice to be able to quickly use exactly what was on the amp when dialing in the tones, no more, no less. Since Cliff has spent so much time, blood, sweat and tears to make it so accurate, why not have the option to treat it accurately when dialing in the tone? And as much as I truly appreciate Yeks efforts in making the amp guide, I also appreciate not having to reference it every time I want to take the approach of dialing in tones with authentic controls. If authenticity wasn't the point of all this, then why bother with the modeling in the first place? Cliff could have just designed ideal amps and call it a day. And the fact that Cliff will be adding an easy way to switch between these two methods is fantastic. I don't know how else to explain this in a way to understand it.
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