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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00


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What sort of processing did you do on the vocals? It sounded like there was a bit of distortion or something in some parts.
Yes, there's some tube screamer (normal version, not the mod one) on the vocals on the chorus, as in the original version


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@Andy G SM58 into a little-imp into a Tech21 CompTortion (bypassed) into a Tech21 BassCompactor into AFX3 input 1 into Cubase. That's what I dropped in dropbox, not sure what voodoo got added. I think I can hear some T-pain roboto going on at some point. Some distortion on the chorus, not hardly as much as on the album though


my feeling on this last firmware was mixed compared to version 2.05.
after reading other posts and tests, the parameter cab / air and very important and much more influence on the final sound in this firmware.
I lowered this parameter to 0-2% and the full extent of this new firmware is again cool to my ears as the v2.05. I do not know why it acts so much on the high mid.
but now I found very beautiful sensations again with reverb of hell added.


I didn't see anything regarding this in the 3.01 update, but:

When you slow down the tempo using the metronome, the output click gets MUCH quieter. It returns to the correct volume as you ramp up the tempo.
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