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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00


I uploaded 3.0 last night.... everything was just fine when I turned off the unit and went to bed. Walked down this morning, flipped the Axe back on, and my main preset just vanished. There is no grid and the preset name reads "Empty". This has happened multiple times since I've had the Axe... enough that I have learned to save a backup of my main preset to a separate preset just incase. Well the vanishing preset has struck again!!! any ideas why this happens?

This is the classic symptom of a preset that didn’t get saved before the Axe got powered off.


I don't know if it was exclusively FW3.0, or maybe earlier and I just haven't tried it in a while, but must say the phaser block is sounding pretty exceptional right now. Can really get those over the top, hollow/resonant, 10 stage style phasing tones, ala the Phase 100, Boss PH-2, Maestro etc. now, that were always a little elusive before. Felt like I'd max out all the values and still not quite get there, but now its sounding great.

Like everyone else, I've spent a few hours doing swells with the new reverbs too lol


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Loving these new reverbs! For modern praise and worship, they are perfect (we love our verbs, ha).

Here is a quick video I put together showing all 5 of the new verb types. The playing starts about 01:28 into the video

I had to hear this twice. Nice. I haven’t touched the verbs yet. I’ve been too caught up , playing my own presets since the update.
....off to the studio.


Possible bug 3.00
Front panel Nav controls not working on graphic EQ since update(stuck on last freq adjusted). Working for other parameters.
Anyone confirm?
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Possible bug 3.00
Front panel Nav controls not working on graphic EQ since update(stuck on last freq adjusted). Working for other parameters.
Anyone confirm?

Same.... I can navigate to other frequencies.... but the highlighted blue marker doesn’t follow along.... so you are blindly tabbing across frequencies until you begin to adjust the value knob.... at which point you can now see which ones you are on.

I reverted to 2.05 and reloaded 3.0 just to see if it corrected.... but it doesn’t.


I have to admit I got lost in playing swells tonight as well... :p

I've only had the Axe FX III for a month now and one of the first things I was missing was the cloud reverbs like on my Strymon BigSky. Then this surprise... it's like Christmas all over again.

I'm completely blown away by this product and it's continuous updates and improvements. There's been at least 3 updates alone since I started using it, including this major update. Cliff Chase and his team are absolutely amazing. (And the user community is top notch as well) Very few companies give so much and continue to give for a product they sell. The Axe FX III is inspiring me beyond belief to experiment, and more importantly - write music. Keep up the good work, I wish you continued success.
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