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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.01 Public Beta (Beta 2)


Since I don’t own an Axe III, I would love to hear how this sounds with it off and on. Anyone have a recording please?


Has anyone created a preset that really shows of Speaker Thump? I'm really having trouble hearing it all.
Quote from the release notes:
Added Speaker Thump control to Amp block. Speaker Thump models the dynamic, nonlinear behavior of a guitar speaker. A value of 5.0 roughly corresponds to an amplifier running into a speaker rated at the same power as the amplifier, i.e., a 100W amplifier running into a 100W speaker. The reset value is a conservative 2.5 which represents, i.e., a 50W amp running into a 100W speaker. Note that the majority of the response is in the subsonic region and the effect is primarily tactile. Existing presets are not affected and the value will be zero.
End Quote and I think that explains it.

I haven't installed and teststed 20.01 yet as I am away from my gear but my interpretation is that this new function will reduce the gap between "amp in the room" and "Axe Fx III in the room"
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Installed 20.01 this morning and had a play around with the Thump control. First thing I noticed is that 20.01 (before any changes to my presets) has a nice bit of clarity to it - kind of like a "remove muddiness" on the low end, maybe its just me but I can't remember it sounding like this 15 hours ago.

Thump works brilliantly, I haven't changed anything on my presets just turned it up to 5 for cleans (USA Clean + Recto 4x12) and 6.5 for high gain (1959 SLP Treble + 4x12 Fractal GB M160)

Thanks FAS !


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Please, please!
I ask you please?
Can the preset be requested?
Thank you very much!👏👑
Sure, here it is. Scene 1. Reverb level may be too high. Lower to taste. The guitar was a S540FM stock neck pickup.

It has a user cab on User-1 #160: LRS VT Mix1a from LiveReady Sound Vinai T: Emotive Tones V1. I still haven't found a similar factory cab.



  • Santana Europa 6.syx
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I'm getting a volume burst when changing scenes.
I thought that the problem might be related to the fact you have Amp1 Channels B and C Bypass Mode set to THRU instead of MUTE, but might be more to it. Investigating and will update this post.

- It's NOT the control switch modifiers you mentioned earlier. I removed all modifiers.

I FOUND IT: It's Amp 2. Although it is bypassed and its bypass mode is set to MUTE, it is causing a small bump of sound when the channel changes while the block is bypassed. Either amp block will do it, but your preset demonstrates it using amp 2.

I will send a test preset to @FractalAudio

EDIT: As posted below, this has been FIXED for next release.
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