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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.01 Public Beta 2 (Beta 5)

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Fractal Audio Systems

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes​


Added Speaker Thump control to Amp block. Speaker Thump models the dynamic, nonlinear behavior of a guitar speaker. A value of 5.0 roughly corresponds to an amplifier running into a speaker rated at the same power as the amplifier, i.e., a 100W amplifier running into a 100W speaker. The reset value is a conservative 2.5 which represents, i.e., a 50W amp running into a 100W speaker. Note that the majority of the response is in the subsonic region and the effect is primarily tactile. Existing presets are not affected and the value will be zero.

Improved Amp block output transformer modeling. This requires updated Transformer LF/HF values for the amp models. Existing presets are automatically updated to the new values upon recall.

Decreased minimum diffuser time in Delay block to 1%.

Added G12T-75 speaker impedance curve.

Added Depth control to Authentic page for Brit Super, Brit 800 Mod and JMP-1 amp models.

Added Diamante Fire amp model based on a Diamond Del Fuego.

Changed “Drive” to “Gain” for Amp block preamp gain control as this is more consistent with naming in real amps.

Fixed switching channels on Drive block can cause pop.

Fixed switching channels on bypassed blocks can cause an audio gap.

Fixed wrong drive taper in Mr. Z Highway 66 model.

Fixed wrong capacitor value in Friedman Smallbox model.

FC: Fixed all FC "Effect" functions (Bypass and Channel, Global and Per-Preset) so they no longer change to an incorrect block when you upgrade from firmware 19.08 or older, or when you restore backups created under the same. NOTE: If you previously installed firmware 20.00 (beta or release) and manually saved changes to global or per-preset "Effect" switches, you may need to manually adjust switch settings again, or import backups created in firmware 19.08 or earlier.

FC: Fixed Factory Default layouts so FX Bypass and Channel switches use the correct blocks.

FC: Fixed an issue that prevented the Hold function from working correctly for some Stand-in Switches.

FC: Fixed UI to refresh when performing "Reset" on a Setlist or a Song from the front panel.

FC: Fixed Setlist functions to not load a song when "Song Load" is set to "None"

FC: Layout Link will no longer unduly trigger when exiting the Tuner.

FC: Preset: Select in Bank switches now stop flashing when the preset is changed by any means other than an FC footswitch (editor, front panel, etc.)

FC: Preset: Select in Bank switches now flash consistently when used with Bank: Select switches.

FC: Preset: Toggle in Bank now consistently and correctly loads the "Primary" preset after changing the bank.

FC: Removed "PREVIOUS" from Bank: Select function as it was replaced by "2nd Press = Previous Bank"

Various other fixes and improvements.
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wait....what's that! :eek:
It was there in the previous beta?
I totally missed that NEW AMP!
Wasn't there, just did a quick search and it seems a pretty rare amp, couldn't find any demo on youtube except a video shot at their namm booth 13 years ago.
Based on the description I assume it's based on a marshall bluesbreaker
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