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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.03



Changed Looper behavior so that Play indicator only lights during recording when overdubbing.

Added Looper Crossfade parameter. When set to ON the loop fades out/in at the end/start of the loop.

Improved Cabinet block room emulation. New algorithm provides denser and more immersive reflections.

Added Room Shape parameter to Cabinet block which selects between and hall and room shape.

Added “Bias Trem” type to Tremolo block. This uses a tube emulation algorithm to replicate the bias tremolo used in vintage tube amps.

Added “Harmonic Trem” type to Tremolo block. This recreates the famous sound of the tremolo circuit in the old “Brownface” amplifiers. This effect splits the spectrum and applies modulation to the two frequency bands. The Crossover Slope parameter selects the filter order for the crossover. The original circuit used a 6 dB/octave crossover. Higher slopes can give a more intense effect. The crossover frequency can be changed with the Crossover Frequency parameter. Note: unlike most implementations the Axe-Fx III version is full stereo and can be used before or after the Amp block without losing stereo separation. Additionally the effect supports LFO phase for the left/right which can be used to achieve unique sounds. Furthermore the effect supports LFO types other than Sine for even more unique sounds.

Note: both the Bias Trem and Harmonic Trem use nonlinear processing techniques and, as such, may add distortion to the audio signal just as their tube-based counterparts would.

Added “Grinder” boost type based on a Fortin Grind to the Amp block.

Added USB Input Level controls. These are located in Setup->I/O->USB. Note that these values will default to -40 dB after the firmware upgrade.

Changed background tasks to run dynamically based on available processing time. This prevents sluggish behavior of Axe-Edit and MIDI controllers immediately after startup.

Fixed IR capture export not working consistently causing issues with Cab-Lab 3.

Fixed incompatibility with Live mode in Cab-Lab 3 when using Axe-Fx III as the audio interface.

Fixed Reverb block NaN if setting size extremely low and turning modulation depth way up.


Power User
cot-damn look at all these goodies... that grinder option should excite the fortin contigent... tremolo block changes sound amazing


Power User
P.S. appreciate the no more quickly or panickedly reaching for volume sliders on web videos that default full up, lest the audio level take my head clean off when using the axe with headphones… thanks for reinstating the USB levels!


Power User
Golly... no chance of someone missing the string letter/number indicator on the tuner screen now. Bonus, everyone can start a side hussle offering even the folks in the cheap seats eye exams ;)

Manny Fufish

Bias Trem alone is worth the price of admission!! Thank you SO much Cliff!

I just got my AxeFX 3 in last week and now I have that classic swampy built in tremolo. You must have known. ;)
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