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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.02

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That was quick :)

Fixed issue in phase inverter modeling causing excessive bias excursion in some amp models.
Fixed Reverb block causing crash if setting size to less than 6.0 for certain types.
Fixed FC GUI corruption when changing presets via foot controller.
Various other fixes and enhancements for FC-X controllers.
Awesome! You rock as always. LOL...... I was just thinking GOD I hope it wasn't turkey..... I am through with turkey for at least another year.......
Downloading 2.02 as the update to 2.01 is just finishing. Glad I checked the forum :)

It never ceased to amaze me that when a user reports a bug it is FIXED ASAP and a new rev is released - THE BEST Customer Service !
Thanks Team Fractal!
As always - above and beyond. That's what you guys do.
It is greatly appreciated this end.
Jeez. I think there have been like 4 FW revisions in the 2+ weeks I've owned it? I'm going to have to develop a different strategy to how I approach keeping up to date :eek::D Thanks Cliff and Fractal!
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