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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.00


Fractal Audio Systems

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes


Improved Amp block speaker dynamic parameter modeling. The new Speaker Compliance parameter controls the nonlinear behavior of the virtual speaker. Existing presets will load with this parameter at 0.0 and will be unchanged tonally from the previous firmware (IOW your presets will not be altered). Selecting a new amp model or resetting the block will set the value to 50% which is a typical value for guitar speakers.

Improved Amp block cathode follower modeling.

Improved Looper cross-fade at start/end of loop.

Improved stability and latency of Pitch block.

Improved anti-aliasing performance of Pitch block.

Added Temperament parameter to Pitch block. When set to “Just”, pitch shifting uses just temperament with ratios defined by the harmonic overtone series. When set to the default value of “Equal”, equal temperament tuning is used. Just temperament can be used to give a “sweeter” harmony, especially when followed by distortion.

Added “Virtual Capo” type to Pitch block. This is a simple one-voice pitch shift that is intended for drop-tuning and virtual capo use and is easy to configure and use.

Changed Pitch block behavior so that when selecting Whammy or Virtual Capo types the Mix is automatically set to 100%, otherwise 50%.

Improved algorithms in Multitap block.

Added two options to the Filter Order in the Cabinet block. “L: 6, H: 12” sets the filter slope to 6 dB/octave for the low cut and 12 dB/octave for the high cut. “L: 12, H: 6” sets the filter slope to 12 dB/octave for the low cut and 6 dB/octave for the high cut.

Changed Looper meter, CPU meter and Layout VU meter colors to cyan so that thresholds are visible to those with red-green colorblindness.

Fixed Looper not playing when pressing Once if Trim Start is nonzero.

Fixed MIDI running status ignored if active sense messages received between status messages.

Fixed Master Resonator Time not working in Multitap Delay.

Fixed diffusion not working on delay lines 2-4 in certain types in Multitap Delay.

Various changes and fixes for FC-X controllers.

Minor tweaks and improvements to the GUI.
Very grateful for my Fractal goodies.
Thank you for a great weekend, as M just mentioned!!

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL :D
"Improved Amp block cathode follower modeling."

This immediately gets me jazzed about the Marshalls and Marshall flavored amps...
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