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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 12.00 Public Beta

Wow, lot of stuff added, this will be a long night. Thanks Cliff!

PS: how does the astable LFO work exactly? Never heard of that. Is it a pseudo-random kind of waveform?
h o l y c r a p m a n...stack/hold sounds like what happens when you get close to a black hole, it just keeps sucking and sucking and adding to the whirlpool...unstable LFO sounds like CE-1 characteristic, it's square but somehow comes out twisted and smooth...the drive block just became a untouchable monster of capability, not even kidding
Stereo Mind Guy!!!! Heck Yah!

Hopefully the faster scene switching will eliminate the popping Im getting with scene changes!?!
LFO monitors are mega cool.

Optical Tremolo isn’t radically different from the standard type, but it sounds a little more nice and mellow IMO.

Happy with the added Stack / Hold functionality!

Possible bug: when engaging Hold in Reverb or Delay, some kind of hi-freq feedback is generated.

Bug: controls missing on Basic page of OD 250 drive.
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