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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 12.00 Public Beta



Added “2x12 Godzilla” Speaker Impedance Curve based on a Zilla Fatboy.

Complete overhaul of the Flanger block. See the included flanger.pdf document for details.

Complete overhaul of the Phaser block. See the included phaser.pdf document for details.

Added separate Filter Slope controls for the Cabinet block. The range of the slopes has been extended to include 18 and 24 dB/octave. Existing presets will be automatically updated to the correct values based on the previous Filter Slope value.

Added separate Low Cut Slope control for Delay block. Updated models accordingly.

Added “FAS Express” amp model based on hypothetical modifications to a Trainwreck Express.

Improved messaging system so that changing presets while Axe-Edit is running does not cause audio dropout (requires Axe-Edit version 1.4.00 or later).

Improved Scene switching speed.

Added LFO Quantize to Filter, Flanger and Phaser blocks.

Added Triggering to Tremolo block. When the Tremolo is triggered the Tremolo will engage and the LFO. phase will start at the Start Phase value. This allows easily synchronizing the Tremolo to your playing. Set to “OFF” to defeat the trigger.

Added Optical Tremolo type to Tremolo block.

Addded “Astable” type to LFOs. This simulates an astable Op-amp Multivibrator as is commonly found in effect pedals. “Beta” controls the shape of the LFO. High values approach a square wave while low values approach a triangle wave.

Added Stack/Hold parameter to Plex Delay and Plex Verb types in the Plex block. When set to STACK incoming audio is stacked on existing audio and held. When set to HOLD existing audio is held.

Changed Hold parameter in Delay block to Stack/Hold (see above).

Changed Hold parameter in Reverb block to Stack/Hold (see above).

Added “OD 250” Drive model based on a DOD Overdrive 250 (gray version).

Added adjustable slope to Parametric EQ block for outer bands when type is set to BLOCKING.

Added LFO monitors to Control block.

Drive block EQ now supports placement pre- or post-distortion.

Added “Stereo Mind Guy” delay type.

Added ULTRA-HIGH quality mode to Reverb block. This mode increases the modulation at the expense
of a slight increase in CPU usage.

Fixed loss of precision in certain amp models (i.e. Plexi 50W Normal) when Input Drive is set very low.

Fixed Align tab in Cabinet block not displaying traces properly after changing channels/scenes from Axe- Edit.
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