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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.01

Joe Bfstplk

Power User
Did a quick run through the Matchbox D-30 EF86 with Weber Blue Dog and Blue Pup IRs (courtesy of RedWirez and Ownhammer, respectively).


End result:
The amp likes a curve with a bit less low end resonance, generally, than the one that is provided in the speaker impedance curve selection.

I used the 1x12 Jr Blues curve for the Blue Dog 12, and the 4x10 Brit JM45 for the Blue Pups. I imagine the 4x10 Bassguy curve would work for the Blue Pups as well. I don't recall if the Bogner cab with the Pups is open or closed back, or if it even mentions it, in the OwnHammer documentation of this cab IR set.


Power User
On today's episode of "The Axe Fx is too powerful for its own good", shatteredsquare discovers that the aliasing performance is so high, that a setting of 40k Hz on triode 2 plate freq (which could only be construed as to indicate a lack of a cap on triode 2) is actually eating up a lot of bandwidth and effecting the tone. If you lower it to 20k Hz (the topmost effective extent to which analog equipment passes audio energy) it cleans itself up by a noticeable amount, closer to its analog original. * SHIELDS UP *


No, we need tinkerers/explorers in the world (Axe or otherwise).

Countless human discoveries and inventions came from playing around with (if breaking) stuff. If Einstein had been content with the current physics/mathematical status quo, 100+ years ago he wouldn't have come up with general relativity or predicted stimulated emission of light (the quantum basis of lasers). GPS relies on corrections from general/special relativity and lasers are everywhere.
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