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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00


Amp block now uses new high-order speaker impedance modeling. 52 speaker impedance models (and two LB-2 models) are included and can be selected using the Speaker Impedance Curve parameter (on the Advanced page). Selecting an amp model will load an appropriate default Speaker Impedance Curve for that amp model. The Cabinet Resonance parameter can be used to adjust the amount of cabinet resonance in the impedance curve. NOTE: The 2x12 Bassguy, 2x12 Jazz 120, 4x10 Brit JM45 and 4x12 Hipower data is incomplete and will be updated in a future release.

Setting Global “Update Pre-11.x Presets Spkr Imp Upon Load" parameter to YES will automatically update the Speaker Impedance Curve for the Amp blocks upon preset recall to use an appropriate Speaker Impedance Curve for that amp model. Setting the parameter to NO will leave existing presets unaffected. NOTE: Setting this to YES will also cause the EDITED LED to light indicating the preset has been modified.

Fixed Recto1/2 models default Negative Feedback and Power Tube Bias values slightly too low.

Fixed loss of precision in Drive block Tone control for some models (Rat, Timothy, et. al.) causing low frequency build-up over time.

Doc Rock

I'm not sure I'm game enough to set that Global setting to "Yes" and let it change all my presets - I have Buddy's 1400 of 'em sitting there, plus a whole stack of Burgs's and others, plus some of the factory ones shunted down to the high numbers. If I WERE to give it the big "Yes" and let it change all the cab specs to new resonance and impedance settings, do I then have to go through all my presets and save them one by one? And is there a risk that the change will screw up some of those presets? Or am I safer just to say "No" and only use the new FW powers on new presets?
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