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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 10.01

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Fixed divide-by-zero can happen in Drive block when using certain combinations of different diode types and a very strong input signal or when switching between different types.

Fixed can’t access Drive block Advanced GUI page for Ruckus LED/Si type.

Changed Drive block Slew Limit to Slew Rate and updated default value of the models. Existing presets will be updated to the new default value upon
recall. Note that the parameter now controls the slew rate and lower values equal less high frequency response at high amplitudes and vice-versa (the action is reversed from the previous firmware versions).

Added Wrecker Express Bright amp model. This models the amp with the three-position Bright switch in the down position.


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Thank you sir. Played this morning with 10 beta #2 because I was away from my gear the last half of the week - The Axe III is stellar!!!

Looking forward to installing 10.01 and for the new Axe Edit to drop.


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I noticed that when changing the preset that uses AMP USA IIC ++ appears on the POP output, even moving through the grid, selecting AMP also POP.
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