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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.16

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Fractal Audio Systems
Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes


Improved Multiband Compressor block so that mid-band gain is automatically compensated for crossover response.

Added Frequency Range parameters to Multiband Compressor block. This selects between Low and High frequency ranges yielding more flexible crossover frequencies.

Added Crossover Slope parameter to Multiband Compressor block. Choices are 12 and 24 dB/octave.

Added FAS Boost to Amp block input boost types.

Added Output Mode to Amp block. The default value, FRFR, is the classic mode and designed for use with monitors or recording. The SS PA + Cab mode is intended for use with a solid-state power amp and conventional guitar cab. In this mode speaker compression modeling behaves differently relying on the speaker for compression while still simulating the interaction with the power amp. NOTE: this mode is not intended for use with current drive power amps, i.e. tube power amps, Class-D current feedback amps (Quilter Tone Block), etc. NOTE: this mode CAN be used with FRFR monitors in high volume applications where the monitor’s speakers are compressing thereby achieving a more dynamic response.

Added 10-band, 2/3 octave types to Graphic EQ block. These types center the filter frequencies on a narrower range best suited to finely sculpting guitar tones.

Added 10-band, 2/3 octave graphic equalizer to Drive block. The EQ can be enabled/disabled via the Graphic EQ parameter which is also modifiable.

Added 8-band, 2/3 octave graphic equalizer to Wah block. The EQ can be enabled/disabled via the EQ parameter which is also modifiable.

Fixed moving cabs with Axe-Edit causes corrupted empty slots.

Fixed Looper status not reported correctly via MIDI.

Fixed Looper doesn’t always start if threshold is off.

Fixed metronome turning on when executing Reset System Parameters.

Various fixes and changes for FC series foot controllers.


I'm not getting any sound from Axe FX III to my Apollo x8 using SPDIF on OUT 1 and Analog on OUT 4. The output meters are peaking high.


After reverting to beta 2 everything is fine.


Noticing a loud click through headphones (haven't checked out1) whenever I change presets either from the front panel or from Axe-Edit. Also output leds are pegged to the red on all factory presets and no sound from headphones. I can try reloading the firmware but before that can anyone else verify that this is happening or not on their systems. Might be unique to my system.
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Help ! After updating to 1.16 my Output 1 meters are dimed out (in the red) with nothing playing, and I've got no sound.

This just started with 1.16, the Beta version ran fine.


Help ! After updating to 1.16 my Output 1 meters are dimed out (in the red) with nothing playing, and I've got no sound.

This just started with 1.16, the Beta version ran fine.

Same for me, output meters pegged all the time, no sound. Going back to beta2 restores normal operation.
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I am not having any issues. Skipped around to about 20 default presets. Mix of gain and clean everything seems to be working fine. Anything special about the patches?


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Hello all,

I just updated my firmware to 1.6 and now when I select my Mesa patches (included in this post) it sends two rapid pops to my amp and there is no sound. All the output level LEDs are pegged and changing to other patches causes the same pops and no sound. If I reboot the III it works, as long as it's not on the Mesa patches. These were working on all previous firmware versions.

Thank you!


  • Mark V Lead.syx
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  • Mesa TriAxis Clean.syx
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