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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.13


Fractal Fanatic
Been a few days since firing up the III. I think I was on fw 1.13b1? but 1.13 final sounds amazing! I need to twiddle with some of the compression controls to get a certain kind of compression character I like dialed in, but the amps sound raw and sooo good.
It seems when I raise speaker compression I can hear the highs roll off slightly? Is that normal because I don't remember that from before.

Thanks Cliff! best amp sounds I've heard :)


Really digging the dual chorus, was using the stereo analog with 2 voices going into the two amp blocks, hard left/right. I love me some distorted chorus. The dual setting/LFOs allow for a nice almost random quality to the modulation as the LFOs cross, especially with a triangle wave form. Not sure I've ever heard this in any other chorus.

And it could be my imagination, but my high gain amps now seem smoother and more bouncy, thanks Cliff!
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