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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.03


Fractal Audio Systems

As some of you may be receiving units within the next 24 hours here's the latest firmware. It is highly recommended you install this firmware as it contains some bug fixes and improvements.

If you are updating from Version 1.02 or earlier it is recommended to switch to an empty preset prior to the update process. This isn't necessary but will result in a faster update.

Andy G

Wow, a lot bigger than Axe-Fx II firmware files (once uncompressed). But a quick peek with a hex editor suggests there is a lot of empty space left to fill - certainly built with the future in mind!


Feels like Christmas Eve at age 7 right about now, and y’all just read T’was The Night Before Christmas.


Forum Addict
just out of curiosity, what's the preloaded fw in the af3? Is this a fw upgrade already?? :D


Fractal Fanatic
sorry, I guess my post wasn't very clear at all, what i meant to ask was if this update was already involving new stuff besides bug fixes. Again, just curiosity
i'll bet it's all bug fixes at the moment. kind of how game designers ship their games and make you download fixes and updates. just a way to get the product to market faster.
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