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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.06 Public Beta


Fractal Audio Systems

NOTE: Starting with firmware 19.06, Axe-Edit III 1.11.00 (or greater) is required to communicate with the Axe-Fx III.

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes​


Added new Setlists/Songs feature, which can be used with an FC Controller to access presets and scenes in custom order during live performance. A new Setup menu area provides full access from the front panel, with a corresponding new area of Axe-Edit which offering import/export and more. For additional details, please see the Setlists & Songs Mini-Manual, located at: https://www.fractalaudio.com/sss-manual

Fixed Parametric EQ and Megatap blocks can cause GUI hang if modifier attached to parameter and update rate is set to FAST.

Fixed crash in Plex block for certain types if Master Time is set to zero.

Fixed Amp block output transformer turns ratio being incorrectly calculated.

Fixed IR Player block displayed IR number off by one after preset recall.

Fixed Stand-in switches will now work correctly when assigned to a footswitch configured as a Per-Preset: Placeholder.
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Fractal Audio Systems
Here are some sample layouts you can use to "Quickstart" the Setlists/Songs feature. Of course, you will first need to enter some songs and add at least one section to each of them.



Factory Default Layouts 7 and 8 work as a pair to provide access to Banks, Presets, Scenes, and Effects. The attached layouts are replacements for Factory Layout 7 in both FC-6 and FC-12 versions. Instead of Presets and Scenes, they provide access Songs and Sections. The FC-12 layout is even large enough to also allow you to cycle through different Setlists, though this is so easy to do from the front panel, and so unlikely to happen during a performance, that I've left this capability out of the FC-6 example in favor a more instant response from a tap switch with no hold function.

Importing a layout is easy with Axe-Edit:

1. Open FC Edit
2. Click the number for the layout you wish to replace (#7 in this case)
3. In the Layouts editor, click the "Edit" dropdown menu and select "Import Layout". Browse to the desired file and the process will complete automatically.

Here are some design notes on the two attached versions for FC-12 and FC-6.


Of course you can also forgo these examples and use the new Setlist, Song, and Section FC functions to create custom layouts of your own.
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i did a livestream showing how to set things up and some ideas for using it. thanks to everyone who stopped by! had some great ideas from others :D

such a cool feature, and really powerful for many uses.

here's my video:
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Well, this Setlist/Song feature looks way more powerful than I thought it would be. Sections! That seems pretty slick.

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Fractal Audio Systems
Well, this Setlist/Song feature looks way more powerful than I thought it would be. Sections! That seems pretty slick.
I think it compares very favorably to our previous implementation, which believe it or not was created in 2010 for the MFC-101!
This new version feels "just right." I can't wait to work with pros* and customers on integrating it.

*In a weird twist of fate, the band Blues Traveller called me last week for help with Song Mode on the MFC. After working on this beta for some time, that felt like I was trying to prepare a gourmet meal with mittens on (and using only maybe fruity pebbles, instant ramen, and airline peanuts.) Still, we served it up hot-n-tasty!
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Very cool new feature that many people have asked for. I'm sure it'll help people that make a preset per song! Now queue all the FM3 owners starting the timer on the port to that device. I can imagine that helping them even more than FX3 owners since it's harder to make kitchen sink presets with the CPU limitations.
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