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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.04

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Question. I just updated to 19.04 from 19.02. With the changes for 19.03 like the dual dtune will that be in my 19.04 without loading 19.03?
Yes, but you still will need the updated axe edit for this FW when it is released to modify it from axe edit. But you should be able to access it from the AXE III front panel to configure.
I don't see an update for axe edit. Just checked check for updates in axe edit and it says there are none available.
I don't see an update for axe edit
Michael will release it when he has it ready but until then you can configure that on AXE front panel. Since this is not a beta the axe edit should show that an update is available when it is ready or you just have to check for the update on the axe edit, I forget if it notifies you like fractal bot does when a new released non beta fw is avaialble.
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