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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.03


Fractal Audio Systems

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes​


Updated Amp block default Excursion Time and Release Time values as some were entered incorrectly. Existing presets are automatically updated to the new default values upon recall.

Improved Delay block algorithms and models. Improved menus by adding a basic Config page with the essential controls and an Advanced page with all the controls for that model. Added a Master Time control.

Added Compander type to Compressor block. The Transients control adjusts the transient modification. Values less than zero soften the attack, value greater than zero emphasize the attack.

Improved Amp block power amp transient response accuracy.

Fixed wrong attenuation between preamp and power amp in Class-A 30W Bright model.

Fixed Headroom meter stuck in certain circumstances when using two Amp blocks.

Fixed Amp block displaying wrong channel number when setting channel via Scene Manager in Axe-Edit.

Fixed pop when switching channels on Input block when using different gate types.


Fractal Fanatic
DM-2 and Carbon Copy! Oooooph cannot wait to try this.

EDIT: Fired this up for 5 minutes before i have to turn in. Compander in the delay block is fun, the DM-2 especially is going to make fans of gritty BBD delays very happy.
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Fractal Fanatic
You guys are the best. Tonight's rehearsal is acoustic, but I will dream about firmware glory when I sleep 😁


Carbon Copy? My favorite delay for leads? Really? :hearteyes:

I'm glad I'm also on the waitlist for the FM3 again (early July probably). I guess it will also get the new delay stuff? :)
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