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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.02


New Member
For now don't set Q less than 1.0. If LF Resonance is 0 the Q is irrelevant anyways.

I assumed no one would set both to very low values as you'd never encounter that in a real speaker.

I have to ask, though, why you are setting the LF Resonance to zero. Real speakers have a pronounced resonance.
Thanks for responding so quickly! I am setting my LF resonance to zero because I like how it sounds totally flat. One of the things I love most about the Axe-FX is the ability to simulate impossible physics. If you are dubious about these claims, I've uploaded an audio sample. I think the custom IR I am using is adding the amount of resonance I need in the Cab block. And yes, I am seeing this issue in axe-edit.

If I were doing QA for you, I would insist that this is a bug because the resonance graph no longer represents the way the tone is changing.


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Mark Al

I don't see/find Excursion Time or Release Time in Axe III Edit 1.08.14. do we need to wait for the Edit to be updated?


Fractal Fanatic
Thanks for this Cliff! This update really is amazing! Lots of chime and top end, and the amps are more...chewy?

I noticed it the most on the Marshall's, Fenders, Voxes and the Mesas. Not much on the hi gain amps

I never got along with the bassmans and most of the Marshall's till now.....now I'm LOVING 'em

David Houck

Earlier today, I designed and sent to Michael some new layouts for the editor's Amp block. They contain these and other missing parameters, plus some nice overall improvements. Here's a sneak peek.

These layout changes are nice improvements; however, I would have thought that the saturation controls were also a popular feature. I'm fine with moving them; and I do see how the input boost section would indeed be more popular, and there is of course only so much space on each page. Looking forward to the changes!
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