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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.02


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I noticed there were 6 views, but 9 likes so far on this thread. I refreshed the view and got the same results. OT but something the moderators might want to check out.
On the forums I've run, the Mods don't work under the hood on the software, the Admins do. And I suspect our illustrious Admin M@ has more pressing issues to work on right now than figuring out why the forum software is showing confusing Like and Views numbers.


I can honestly say this is the best update yet. My presets are sounding the best they have ever sounded. I had to tweak them a bit for 16.01 and had them sounding close but not quite where I wanted them. Without any changes to my presets, this update has them sounding "right" to my ears.
Distortion would appear to be slightly more defined while still maintaining the "amp in the room" feel.

I totally agree. It felt like my high gain scenes immediately became weaponized.

I'm altering presets with each tonal update, and it's so wonderful, because I just find it so easy and so quick to get to an incredible tone, and each time the result feels more dimensional, even more reactive to my playing. The level of realism of the unit since I bought it has consistently been completely fulfilling, and absolutely inspiring to play through; at this point it just feels like there's greater articulation, different elements of the tone just feel even more effortlessly alive as the firmware progresses. I keep being shocked by the relentlessness of the development of the already superlative product. As ever, my thanks for your ethos.

Doc Rock

My go-to preset is one of Burgs' most generous gifts to this group - the Mumbles (his latest version of his earlier Dumbles preset). It sounded great in v16, then just as good but slightly different in 16.01.

However, I've just upgraded to 16.02, did the "Refresh after New Firmware" thing and - holy crap...!

With absolutely ZERO tweaking from me, this set is freakin' AWESOME! And that's a word I almost never use. Something has changed in the firmware that just clicks with this Mumbles set of 8 scenes.

I just played some riffs and power chord stuff on an SG fitted with Kinman P90 noiseless pups, and geeeeezus!! It nearly knocked the balls out of any scrotum within a 10Km radius..!

Most definitely worth your time to find this latest Mumbles set of Burgs' and install it, do the Refresh after New FW thing, then try Scene 3 first.... Prepare to be gobsmacked.

Thanks yet again to Burgs for his gifts!

EDIT: Here y'go - I found the link https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/burgs-mumbles-fw-16b-demo-vid-preset-download.171379/


The Class A amps really chime now. And the midrange is really responsive - at least on the Class A’s. I agree that the distortion seems more like a real amp than ever. Dial up that jumped Hiwatt and check out how freaking responsive it is. The dynamics are incredibly realistic.
my only question is about output volume. Seems like it’s different depending on the amp. And seems like a lot of my Fender stuff I’m having to turn up.
Im hitting the red on the outputs on the axe front panel. Then I’m going into an Apollo AD at +4...but it shows less gain than the output of the Axe. The Apollo is calibrated at +24 dbu. Guess I could drop it to 20 - but I like that for my pro audio. No biggie - I can just turn it up.

Greg Ferguson

Fractal Fanatic
I got stuck on the JTM45 this evening. 16.02 sounds amazing!
The JTM45 caught my ear years ago because that was Duane Allman's amp. The sound he got was just right.

What I think is funny about his system is he never changed his power-tubes, maybe not any of the tubes. It was about 45 watts originally, and with the weak old tubes it's probably less now but when they bring it out it still sounds wonderful.

@FractalAudio what can we do to tweak the JTM45 to reflect that situation of old, tired power tubes?
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