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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.01 Beta 1 Public Beta


I'm not really that literate on technical aspects, I would really appreciate if you could help me with my question:

I've just upgraded to Cygnus wit this patch. When I load my presets, I really like the sound. Yet when I reset the amp channels on my presets, and apply the same settings, I find the sound less desirable. What does the non-reset amp after an upgrade represent? Is it utilizing the new modelling at all?

And a side note: I'm a proud Carol Ann OD3 owner, I bought it because OD2 was my fav model in Axe FX. After getting the real amp, I always found the model lacking a bit of fatness ( I run the real amp through Axe FX utilizing torpedo and the same IRs). But with Cygnus, I feel the gap between the real amp and the model has increased. I do not mean to complain, it is just an humble feedback.
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Just had a quick test of the B7k. It's now so quiet on my exisiting presets. Level and gain maxed out are needed for unity gain. But have to check that in more detail later ...


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Wow - you are a machine.


Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes​


Improved output transformer / speaker impedance interaction modeling. This yields more accurate low frequency response. Note that the Transformer LF parameter effectively adjusts the transformer’s inductance. Increase this value to simulate a smaller transformer, decrease to simulate a larger transformer.

Improved power amp cathode current calculation accuracy for cathode biased models.

Updated default Power Tube Grid Bias and Negative Feedback on many models based on new measurement technique. NOTE: As a result of this existing presets will update the aforementioned parameters to the new default values upon recall.

Added frequency cursor to Parametric EQ graph.

Updated Blackglass 7K Drive block model. Previous model was incorrect due to defective reference unit.

Increased gain range of Filter and Parametric EQ blocks to +/-20 dB. Also increased gain range of input EQ in Amp block. Existing presets are automatically updated.

Fixed incorrect channel indication in Amp block when changing scenes if Scene Revert is true.

Fixed Amp block bypass state not reverting when changing scenes if Scene Revert is true.

Fixed incorrect Drive control taper in Jr. Blues amp models.

Fixed incorrect default P.I. Bias Excursion in Princetone Reverb and Div/13 CJ Boost models.

Fixed missing UI for several Friedman amp models.

Fixed pop when changing Amp block channels between models with disparate gains.

Fixed NaN in Stereo Tri-Chorus if Delay Time and Rate are set to minimum.

Various optimizations and improvements.


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If Im reading this right, transformer LF lets us simulate big iron across the models?

Oooooh boy.

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Just had a quick test of the B7k. It's now so quiet on my exisiting presets. Level and gain maxed out are needed for unity gain. But have to check that in more detail later ...
You're right. I didn't notice that in my initial play with it, but yes, you need to really crank everything to get close to unity gain.


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Loaded up the new beta, plugged in my guitar, rolled up the volumes, started to play... nothing... no input, no output, meters are totally dead. Thought, hmm maybe it's a bug in the new beta? Maybe my system settings got hosed? Nope! I forgot I had set Input 1 to digital input for reamping last night. Duh. :p
I started inserting the USB input effect block beside my input 1 block. Then I shunt it to the next block, and sever the shunt from input 1, when I'm going to reamp. Makes it more obvious, visually to understand why there's no audio, when I open Axe Edit and look at the preset.

Learned this from watching brother Leon's videos down under. Not only can he make toilet bowl water spin in reverse, but he can teach this.


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….Are there audible differences between Official Cygnus and this new beta ,
Curious to know what they are in sound , feel … others improvments ….
Not sure to install this Beta as i m only starting to … trying to update my presets … correctly to Fw16
Thanks for the feedback …
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