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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.00 "Cygnus"



Updated factory presets will be posted "soon".

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes​


New “Cygnus” amp modeling algorithms.

Added “Sonic Dist” Drive type.

Fixed popping when switching channels in Drive block in rare cases.

Fixed Studio FF Compressor 2 type not working properly if Knee is set to “Hard”.

Fixed Delay block maximum time limited to 8s regardless of entered time.

Fixed Amp block not updating properly when changing scenes if Scene Revert is on.

Various other fixes and enhancements.
I don't think my question ever got answered on this but if I update to firmware 16 how is that going to effect that if I download a preset that was made for the FM3 to the Axe Fx 3 will the preset not be usable because of the different firmware?


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Thank you!

A little issue I noticed: the speaker compression meter in axe-edit always shows -6dB regardless of the setting or what's being played.

Btw, isn't meter accessible on the axe screen? I can't find it anywhere


Hi everyone! For those who read my post on last beta about Friedman amps. I bought a BE 100 Deluxe last Saturday. First, I didn’t like the sound of the last beta but I have to say that Cliff nailed the BE100 classic sound!!!
For those who want to hear what’s the « real » BE sound, here’s my last video using:
Guitar into axe (drives, wah,...) -> Friedman BE100 Dlx -> load loadbox -> axe fx (IR + stéréo effects) -> Apollo twin -> Logic Pro X
I really made a lot of A-B tests, using the same IR and... yes! More options on the original but you can make each devices sounding the same 😍. Thanks @FractalAudio



The preset will be usable but may not sound the same.
I would rather stay on 15 if thats the case till the fm3 is updated to cygnus if that is going to happen. From the FM3 post they are going to go Cygnus on the FM3 as well.

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This update, above all the rest, has really hammered home the value of my upgrade last year to the AFX3. Thanks, Fractal!


Wow what timing. I just received my brand new Axe FX 3 Mark 2 yesterday, and now updating to new public release of this firmware today. YES! Also added austin buddy live gold, and holy molly that pack is epic. :) Haven't had an axe fx unit since the XL+ days, so back into it, and loving every second of the tones.


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Why do you have to update presets? Is this something we all have to do? I never seem to get an answer.

Do we have to do anything special to update to Cygnus? Or is it just plug and play?

I'm starting not to like this unit, .......

I kid
FAS is likely doing it because levels and gains of some amps changed with Cygnus.

Plug and play as desired. Any of your tweaks are for your benefit.

You don't have to update any of your existing presets (factory or otherwise) except as sounds good to you. When FAS releases updated factory presets you can replace any of your existing ones as desired.
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