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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01


For some reason, I am no longer able to import presets. Anyone else? Current Axe-Fx III Firmware Version: 15.01
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I'm just so in love with this firmware. Can you top it Cliff?!?! Its gonna be a tough one to improve on!


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@FractalAudio I have to offer the opposite perspective: please keep screwing with the amps. :) All of your engineering is greatly appreciated!

Yeah, I vote the same exact way.

Fractal, please do exactly as you always do and the other guy that "detests amp updates" can just quit updating his firmware!
Fractal continues to blow my mind with updates I thought couldn't be better than previous versions.

Unbelievable work Fractal!!!



Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes


Improved output transformer modeling in Amp block. For typical values of Transformer Drive the difference is subtle but mathematically more accurate adding a pleasing low-end growl and improving “tightness” in high-gain sounds. For high values of Transformer Drive the difference is more pronounced. If you have increased Transformer Drive on your presets above the default value then you should audition your presets.

Fixed Depth control not working on some amp models.
Happy Holidays to you too Cliff and all at FAS!!!


Yeah, I vote the same exact way.

Fractal, please do exactly as you always do and the other guy that "detests amp updates" can just quit updating his firmware!
Fractal continues to blow my mind with updates I thought couldn't be better than previous versions.

Unbelievable work Fractal!!!

I completely agree. If folks don't want the update they aren't being forced to install it.

Cliff - I hope you never stop innovating and stretching the limits of my ears and tone!

Jozsef Kiss

Generally speaking, I detest amp updates as it forces me to adjust all my presets. While I had do some significant changes this time as well, I have to admit I now have the best overall sound and feel I’ve ever had in forty years of playing. Now stop screwing with the amps!

edited to add:

Since someone asked on Facebook, here was my reply:

To get back to where you started, I found this gets you there:

Dyn Pres add 2.0

Dyn depth reduce by 1.5, if starting on zero, reduce bass by 0.4

Cathode comp add 3%

Cath harmonics add 0.1

Cath hardness add 0.3

Add 0.6 to sag

Drop bass by 0.3

Add 1.0 to high treble

In output EQ:

63kz -1.0
125kz -1.5
250kz -0.5
4000k +1.0
8000k +1.0

Power amp hardness add 0.5

Negative feedback add 2.0
Not a bad sound! 😜
But, not good!🧐;)o_O
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David Tesch

I think it's a joke.
It's not a joke... I saw him post that settings list on facebook in response to someone.

I am new to Fractal this year and use mostly Mesa based presets tweaked to sound like my blue stripe Mark III( a very hot amp) and Mark V. I already push everything pretty hard tonally in order to get the dynamics I like, you know that Steve Vai/Satriani-ish vibe that can either be amazing or get you in trouble... I will say this update seemed to push my presets too far, and I have been trying to decide what the best way to back them off and regain that clarity and dynamic is. At first it seemed to give me that DS1 sound that you can't dial out of that pedal no matter how hard you try... really colored the midrange and took away(or colored) some of the voicing... after some trial and error it was sounding great last night til the fingers were hurting, and I trust everyone's experience here and will keep working at it. Most of my high gain presets use the IIC++, I really don't tweak the power amp section, but I try to approach the thing just like the real amp... with the settings I was running pre-patch I actually recorded the AxeFx left and the MarkV right using the same IR and you couldn't tell which was which.
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I completely agree. If folks don't want the update they aren't being forced to install it.

If you want the other benefits of an upgrade you must, which creates this quandary. You want the new DS-1, but don’t want to rebuild twenty live presets.

I don’t see the harm in sharing the antidote for that group of users. I suspect this group includes Fractals most famous users. Are headlining acts updating while on tour? My four years of experience touring as a guitar tech/roadie make me doubt it.


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I think we're saying basically the same thing aren't we? The problem is, I don't think a stringed instrument can create a perfect sine wave, as there are multiple nodes along the string, being plucked, bowed or otherwise excited. In your example, using a pure sine wave, I completely agree.

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Not really, I was just trying to say that "overtones" produced by intermodulation distortion have nothing to do with overtones naturally present in an instrument signal.
Cliff's conceptual pickup would remove just the former
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