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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00

Dave Merrill

Fractal Fanatic
Shouldn't be any change as that amp doesn't have any negative feedback. The update only affects amps with negative feedback.
For amps that aren't born with any negative feedback, I sometimes add a touch of it to my most overdriven scene, just to tighten things up. Will that be affected by these new changes, because there's negative feedback in play? Or are the changes just not baked into the amps that don't have any out of the box?

Tommy Tempest

Power User
I'm not 100% sure that's the same thing...
It is the same thing. It's a setting in AXE Edit to re-read presets and cabs, etc., just like refresh after firmware. So every time you load it, or update it, or update firmware, it refreshes and re-reads all the presets and cabs etc..
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Fractal Fanatic
Yes, and under Settings/Preferences/Options. Mine is set to re-read every time. It's a little annoying, but it only takes a minute or 2 to refresh.
That's not the same as "refresh after new FW", those options in the settings menu are for automatically reading presets and cabs names at startup, not block definitions.


New Member
What's wrong? Those models sound great to me.
I agree. I love fractals amp modeling as it is. I could really care less on how accurate it is to the real amp. Too much change to the current models would probably be a bad thing for me. As I think they sound perfect right now. Which is why I’m hesitant on installing this new firmware. If it was to affect my current beloved presets. How would I go about adjusting them back?


I’ve been rocking out all day with new firmware and then mid song the sound suddenly shut off. The Axe was not frozen and I was able to change presets no problem. I thought maybe it was my guitar so I switched to another one but there was still no sound.

I obviously then rebooted the Axe FX 3 and it fixed it. Hopefully this was just a one off problem but I’m reporting it just in case.


Fractal Fanatic
I have dialed up some wonderful amp sounds today here at work, my Axe-FxIII is behind my desk in my rehearsal room at work where we have band practice after hours. Got a killer Dizzy blue and silver plus PVH 6160 block, Recto Red and I'm having a blast! Now I get to go home and play on my 2.00 FM3 and wish it was updated to this new awesome 15!!!


Power User
I stand corrected, However, I always perform "refresh after new FW" , but the Citrus Terror error is still present.
Yeah, I'm seeing the same thing regardless of how and when I refresh the Citrus Terrier block. Newest editor, updated drivers, the whole shebang.

Ideal tab does not appear, but if you're on Ideal on another amp and then switch channels to the Citrus Terrier, you can access the Ideal options on the Citrus.

As loaded:

Citrus Terrier 1.jpg

Switch channels and select Ideal tab:

Citrus Terrier 2.jpg

Switch back to Citrus...Ideal controls show up but label is still missing:

Citrus Terrier 3.jpg

Preset attached.


  • Jumped BassguyCitrus Terrier.syx
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Problem #2 just happened

My volume levels suddenly dropped mid playing. All patches were effected. The only way to get the volume back was to manually raise the amp levels.

I switched to my Kemper and the output volume was normal. My system was working fine (apogee ensemble).

I reinstalled the Axe 3 firmware, rebooted everthing and the volume is back to normal. 🤷‍♂️
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