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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00


Power User
Four?!!! Quadraphonic goodness. Run different delays to each speaker. Use two delay blocks into two output blocks and set all the times a bit different.

I’ve been toying with the idea of running my show in quadraphonic just to needlessly further complicate my life. This isn’t helping to talk me out of it.

I saw Emerson Lake and Palmer in the 70’s and when they kicked in the quadraphonic in the arena it modified my DNA.

i synchronize my entire show with Qlab so it would be doable.


I updated to the 14.1 a month or two back (whenever it came out) and a lot of my presets sounded weird. I learned that new firmware can mess with presets, and some of the aftermarket ones I got (austin buddy, moke) do free updates with new firmware. It was time consuming, but I got it done. And many of the presets I got on the forum from user posts weren’t good anymore with no way to update them.

Now 15 is here and it seems like I’ll have to do it again. But is there something I can do myself to tweak presets? I don’t know what
“while the overall tone isn’t significantly changed, the transient frequency response is enhanced which may alter the tonal perception” means or what I’d do to fix it. I did the Cooper Carter course to learn about how to use the axe, but I still really have no clue how to do the advanced stuff messing with all sorts of parameters and knowing what they do.

sorry for my ignorance. I swear I’m not bitching, the axe is awesome. I’m just getting a bit overwhelmed.

Thanks for your help,

You don't need to overcomplicate it too much. Basically it's just saying "Things might feel like they sound different, even though it hasn't changed much". From what others are saying, the way the presence and depth hits now makes them both feel a bit more noticeable.

As for what to do about it, just play a preset and see how it sounds. If it sounds off, adjust the BMT, or the Presence and Depth. It sounds like some people are saying a little less presence or treble, and a little less depth are getting things sounding right again. If it still sounds fine or even better, than you're good. No need to get into anything too advanced.
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