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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00 Public Beta #1

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes


Improved Amp block power amp modeling. Improved algorithm yields accurate dynamic frequency response which results in clearer bass and extended highs. More “chug”, “thump” and “chime”. NOTE: Existing presets should be auditioned. While the overall tone isn’t significantly changed, the transient frequency response is enhanced which may alter the tonal perception.

Added ability to route AES/SPDIF or USB 5/6 to any input. This has been achieved by changing “SPDIF/AES Select” to “Digital Input Source” which allows choosing between AES, SPDIF or USB 5/6. Each input now has an “Input Source” selectable between Analog or Digital.

Increased maximum delay time for Delay blocks to 16 seconds.

Added “DS1 Distortion” Drive type.

Added “59 Bassguy Jump” amp model.

Many of the Fender® amps have been “modified” with authentic presence and depth networks even if the real amp doesn’t have them (this was required for the new power amp algorithm). When the Tone Control Display is set to IDEAL the Presence and Depth controls can be used to shape the power amp response just as if the real amp had been modified. Setting the Presence and Depth controls to zero effectively removes the modifications. WARNING!!! If your presets use non-zero values of Presence and/or Depth for amp models whose real counterparts do not have presence and/or depth circuits your presets may sound different and should be adjusted accordingly. I.e., if you have turned Presence up for the Deluxe Verb model your preset’s tone will have changed as a real Deluxe Reverb does not have a presence network (and Presence defaults to zero for that model).

Fixed GUI bug for TS9DX Hot model.

Fixed Scales menu in Global Settings.

Fixed clicking in Amp block if large number of modifiers are connected to controls.

Fixed modifiers connected to Amp block can cause unwanted change if modifier is only active for one channel.

Fixed erroneous values can be displayed when changing channels on a block and the GUI configuration between channels is different, i.e. different number of EQ sliders or different authentic amp parameters.

Fixed second pot of ganged dual pot in Citrus Terrier amp model applied at wrong point in circuit.
Cool shit. I'm excited.

To the excited, note that this is an optional beta: back up everything. If you are concerned about tone changes, record some tracks for your main presets/tones on your current FW along with a DI track so you have a reference tone going forward. [And please don't be a snarky *-hole if sound changes ("hey my preset sounds like ass now") or something doesn't work right. Perhaps do some investigation to help yourself or others figure it out. :)]

See yek's and other posts below for additional reminders!
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