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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.06


Found a glitch with the new firmware. My FC-12 will not initialize after installing 14.06. Gets as far as the FC-12 Firmware release display (1.09) and that's all that happens. I removed 14.06 & reinstalled 14.05, all is well now.
My firmware on my FC-12 is 1.11 and no issues



NOTE: There is a known bug in the GUI for the new "TS9DX Hot" Drive model. This will be fixed in the next release.

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes


Fixed bypass state not changing in Layout menu when zoomed out.

Fixed Metronome Level controls in Tempo menu not updating.

Fixed LFO Phase parameter doesn't work when LFO Type is set to ASTABLE.

Fixed 0.2 dB loss in some blocks (i.e. the Return block).

Reduced audio gap when switching channels in Amp block.

Added “TS9DX Hot” Drive model.
Was this release pulled? I am not showing it available in Fractal Bot.


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Was this release pulled? I am not showing it available in Fractal Bot.
if it were pulled the download link in the OP would no longer work (and would usually mention it being pulled). They probably just haven't pushed it to the server where Fractal-Bot looks for new firmwares yet


I'm all packed up for tomorrow at this point. I'll try it tomorrow but I'm thinking the XLR is ok since the FC started working again once I put the old firmware in the Axe.
Ok... I loaded up 14.06 a few hours ago and working fine with my FC-12...


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FC-12 working fine here also. I came from 14.01 and 14.06 sounds better! It seems like there is a little less gain and almost makes it harder for me to play. Could be my head playing with me.


Ok... I loaded up 14.06 a few hours ago and working fine with my FC-12...
Here is what I am seeing.
releases go to this forum first usually.
Thanks. I found it. I guess like you said they post it first to the forum, and later they load it up on their server. No need for any further replys. Thanks for everyone's help.


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Thanks to everyone for their help. Great group!

The people on this forum provide some of the most dogged tech support I've ever seen, as much by users as by FAS themselves. You'll have five good replies by users before anyone who works for FAS even has a chance to reply haha. It's remarkable, and a truly wonderful thing. There are people here who just pounce on any problem, like the goal is to make sure everyone is using this tool to its fullest all the time. It's kind of like, when you get into the unit, it fulfills your wishes so completely you just want to spread the joy. I know I just sit here thinking I truly have the most incredible collection of amps sitting in front of me, not some cheesy nod to those amps, but really, those actual amps, and I can't believe it's a reality.
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