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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.04

Dave Merrill

Power User
Fixed NaN when setting a tone control to zero in certain amp models (introduced in 14.02).
Fixed Cabinet block LF/HF damping applied to only left/right respectively.
Fixed setting a tone control to maximum in Amp block can cause NaN in certain models (introduced in 14.02).
Thanks for this. Where did you find that info?

Is the 14.04 NaN fix related to the preset posted yesterday that pegs the output meters and mutes all audio until restart?


[Problem] ....updated 14.03 -> 14.04, but my FC6 holted and displaying nothing but " .... "
on the respective mini display as well as " FC-6 1.11 " on main window...help me!!


My presets are remarkably brighter with 14.03 and 14.04 than with 14.01. Is this related to the enhancements in the Cab block?
Could be, but it seems like the effect would be the opposite if LF/HF damping wasn't fully applied prior to 14.03 (if I'm interpreting the notes correctly).

Might be related to the tweaks/fixes to AMP tone controls (in some models)?

Can you make and post a recording with the same DI or source material with AMP-only and CAB-only to see where you hear the difference? Maybe also post that preset.
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