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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

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Fractal Audio Systems

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes


Added semi-parametric EQ to Multitap Delay block. The EQ is similar to the Filter block with the addition of selectable low cut and high cut filter slopes. Note that the overall gain of the EQ automatically adjusts to unity when using any filter types that boost frequencies so as to prevent instability.

Added second source to Modifiers. A Modifier can now have two sources: Source 1 and Source 2. Each modifier has an individual Scale parameter from 0 to 100%. The operation between the two sources is selected via the Operation parameter and allows addition, subtraction or multiplication of the two sources.

Changed behavior of Random LFO so that value changes when switching from Stop to Run.

Improved boot time.

Updated Euro Uber amp model. It is recommended to do a soft reset of the model by deselecting and then reselecting the Amp type.

Added several new amp models.

Fixed wrong capacitor value in Brit JVM OD1 Orange and Red models.


Fractal Fanatic
Man this is so cool! 😎 you're the best Cliff, thank you!!

Anyone find the 'new amp models' already?



So what's everyone's favourite programming language?

... but seriously. Those multiple modifier sources look really cool. Having an envelope filter which is multiplicative with your expression pedal for instance. Pedal at half your envelop filter is only half as sensitive, pedal goes up and the envelop starts having more effect. Or pedals that act as ways to enable or disable another modifier, or be a force multiplier or sorts to the effect.

And it's a clever way to not enter a recursive hell to achieve things that maybe could have been done by adding modifiers to the modifier controls... where a modifier controls the range of another modifiers, etc. We can use this to do those sorts of things without having to get into a nested rabbit hole.

I'm very excited to see what people can come up with using them!
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