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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.03

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Jozsef Kiss


Added modifier capability to Multitap Delay block Level parameters.

Added modifier capability to Synth block Attack parameters.

Fixed Amp block generating NaN at startup in rare cases due to uninitialized data.

Fixed output level knob value not applied to Output 1/2 if Global EQ type set to NONE.

Fixed first preset may be temporarily erased if corrupted data in User Cab Bank.

FC: Tuner will now automatically display whenever tuner is displayed on Axe-Fx III.

Sorry: " NaN" ??


Awesome! I'll download ASAP. @FractalAudio, I've noticed in 13.01 I still have that issue with the 2nd ten-tap not holding the initial (actually 11th) tap value of 3410ms. Still reverts to 1667ms. Fingers crossed.



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NaN = "Uh, dat compooter donna noah wadda fook that numma is"

NaN = "Mama, what's a number that doesn't exist?" Mother looks at child with awe and terror.

NaN = "Error! Error! Does not compute!!!"

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Ive mapped my FC pedals to External1, External2, etc - is there a way to set the "Tuner on Heel down" parameter to use the External1 controller? I can only see Pedal, FC Pedal or CC options. Thanks.

Have you tried assigning it to the value you have assigned to your External Controller? That's assigned to some CC, I'd assume you just use that.


"Fixed Amp block generating NaN at startup in rare cases due to uninitialized data."

Thanks for the quick fix!


..... where the explanation for using the tuner with the expression pedal can be find ??
maybe a tutorial wouldn’t be appreciated , it was in the description of 13.02 if I don t make a mistake ...
And not always easy to understand when you speak a .... foreign language
Thanks ....
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