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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

I used to be worried about clean tones being too sterile (pre axe 2 days), but now I'm 100% addicted to using any of these amps to get something that has a TON of character that I hardly ever run the gain high anymore. Loving these updates lately!

Come on now! 26 seconds??? You gonna post something like this it has to be longer than that!
It’s one month since my Axe-FX III arrived … and I’m really feeling that good ol’ update head rush again.

Love the way things are sounding, and now I’ve gotta try those 6CA7s in my favorite patches. This is my third Axe-FX (Ultra, II, and now III) and I’m so proud of what this amazing company to my north (I’m in RI) keeps accomplishing.

I‘m not one to get jingoistic about “made in America,” but it means a lot to me that some of us can still show the world how it should be done. Thanks, Cliff, for all you do for all of us. At a time when so much seems to be going wrong, it’s impossible to overstate the value of the sheer joy your tools bring. Shutdown? Isolation? Pffff … bring it on.
All new amps get overhyped. One day it's the Archon which then fades into obscurity. The next day it's Bogner's latest amp named after an Egyptian/Roman/Norse/Himalayan god. Then it's the Death Reaper Satanic Neutron Blaster that is "so tight and brootal". And then everyone is back to the classics.

Right now it's the Revv Generator. In a month people will be bored with it.

i agree with your comments the other day that 95% of modern hi gains are using Soldano DNA
as for the Revv i think there is a hint
to its inspiration in the fact it called
the purple channel
Ohhh that firmware is gooooood!!!! I like really like how the new power amp algorithm interacts with the drive block. Lately, every new firmware i'm like ''that's it they really nailed it'' but somehow Fractal manage to make it a bit better. Sort of like when you go see the optometrist for a check-up and they ask you which lens work best for you and you're like ''this one is perfect'' and then when they put another lens on and you're like '' yep this one is a bit better''. Best guitar piece of equipment ever! Kudos guys!
the Fender Tweed Deluxe is now way more 3D sounding. Surprisingly more responsive and dynamic. Makes sense for an amp that heavily relies on the power amp for its sound.
Downloaded firmware...downloaded all presets. All went just fine.
I play clean jazz. I have one boss preset. Always been a chore to get the sound right.
Opened up the Super Reverb preset and toned down the treble on the guitar and it sounded great.
Now don't take this last statement lightly...the axe is really coming into its own in a big way. Congratulations to Fractal...dam!
Played with some of my favorite amps tonight. I didn't think it could get much better than 12.07, but 12.09 sounds incredible. On my favorite amps (DC30, Trainwreck Express, JTM45) I'm getting more harmonics, better ghost noting, better dynamics, and depending on the amp, more headroom at the same settings. So good!
It could totally be confirmation bias or new FW itis, but I swear I can hear much bigger differences in cabs now. Am I making that up? Maybe it’s just the clarity in the top that’s making me think that.
Suhr S90’s into FAS Vibe into 5150 iii blue cost me several hours today. This firmware sounds killer. FAS is the best. Thank you!
Yes, the difference is most noticeable in the highs.

I find I can push the highs a lot more now too without it getting harsh and spikey. I just made a preset using the Mr Z MZ-38 which isn't a model I normally use. The amp has little tone shaping of it's own so I always find it too dark and murky for distorted tones. So I put a treble booster in front of it and it sounds great. Usually that would make me cringe but it's not harsh at all.
Thanks Cliff! Can’t wait to try this. The MZ 38 was a very popular amp in Nashville. It was a go to combo for many reputable tele players.
I was on the list (at least I thought I was) for an FM3. I have no use for it with a III...but hell, I’d consider it.
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