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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 4

Decreased minimum Attack Time of Compressor block to 0.1 ms. Existing presets are automatically updated.

Added JFET Compressor type.

Added three new Studio Compressor types. Studio FF Compressor 2 is similar to Studio FF Compressor 1 (formerly called Studio Compressor) except that it is an “upwards compressor” as opposed to a downwards compressor. Studio FB Compressor 1 and 2 are feedback compressors with downwards and upwards compression respectively. As these are feedback compressors they yield a different sound than a feedforward compressor commonly referred to as “fat” with smoother dynamics. Note that nature of feedback compressors can result in distortion at extreme control settings (fast attack/release, high ratio, etc.). It is therefore recommended to set Auto Att/Rel to ON in these instances.

Improved Intelligent Pitch Shifter algorithm. This applies to all Pitch types except Dual and Quad Detune or when the Tracking Mode is set to OFF. The pitch detection algorithms have also been improved. The Tracking Mode parameter has been renamed “Pitch Tracking” and is selectable between OFF, FAST and SMOOTH.

Improved pitch detection for Synthesizer and Ring Modulator blocks.

Improved Crystal Echoes algorithm. The Crossfade Time and Crossfade Type parameters have been removed as they are no longer applicable.

Added Diffusion to Crystals type in Pitch block. This can be used to “smear” transients for a softer sound.

Improved Plex Shift and Plex Shimmer types in the Plex block. The Cross-fade parameter has been removed. For the Plex Detune type the Cross-fade parameter has been renamed Granule Length as that is a more accurate description.

Improved Envelope Followers in Megatap, Multitap and Plex Delay blocks.

Added PVH 6160+ Clean Bright and PVH 6160+ Crunch Bright amp models based on a Peavey 6505+ Rhythm channel with the Bright switch engaged. Note that the bright switch on this channel does not engage a capacitor on the drive potentiometer as is typical but instead disengages a treble cut circuit.

Renamed PVH 6160+ Rhythm and PVH Rhythm B models PHV 6160+ Clean and PVH 6160+ Crunch respectively for clarity.

Improved Downward Expander in Gate block when Detector Type is PEAK.

Removed the Frequency Range parameters from the Multiband Compression block and extended the range of the Crossover Frequency parameters to cover the entire range previously available. Existing presets are automatically updated. Note that when adjusting a Crossover Frequency that the unit will automatically adjust the complementary frequency to ensure the mid band is at least one octave wide.

Fixed Tremolo block trigger turning off even when threshold is set to OFF.

Fixed wrong resistor value in Brit JVM models causing excessive blocking distortion. Fixed using Astable LFO type in some effects causes noise.

Fixed switching between types in Chorus block can causes clicks.

Fixed wrong default Depth value for 5153 Red model (real amp has fixed depth resistor). Removed Depth controls from all 5153 Authentic GUI pages (except 5153 50W Blue for which the real amp does have a Depth control).

Fixed Drive block clicking when changing channels when bypassed. FC: Views for Layout Link will now be restored properly after reboot.

FC: When entering the Master Layout menu via the switch-combo, the FC-6 will now always go to View 1.

FC: Per-Preset labels will no longer be displayed for unassigned switches.
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