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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.04

GM Arts

Fractal Fanatic

Updated the default value of P.A. Cathode Bias Resistor for some models. Existing presets are NOT changed. The new default values are listed here if you want to apply them to your presets:

AC-20 DLX: 61%
Boutique 1,2: 48%
Blankenship Leeds: 58%
Car Roamer: 56%
Class-A 15W TB: 56%
Class-A 30W: 46%
Citrus A30: 56%
Citrus Terrier: 60%
Deluxe Tweed: 49%
Div/13 CJ: 56%
Div/13 FT37: 56%
FAS Class-A: 56%
Gibtone Scout: 76%
Hot Kitty: 50%
Matchbox D30: 59%
Nuclear Tone: 78%
Wrecker Liverpool: 59%

Improved pedal calibration.

Changed parameter value display to update if control is attached to modifier.

Added Triple Crest amp models based on a Mesa Triple Crown TC-100. Note that the actual amp’s “Tight” switch engages a built-in Tube Screamer circuit which can be replicated using a Drive block or the Amp block’s internal Boost feature.

Fixed a couple mistakes in Citrus Terrier amp model.

Fixed clicking when engaging/bypassing effects which change input impedance.

Fixed some parameters that should be modifiable (i.e. Chorus Rate, Rotary Rate, etc.) are not displayed as such.

FC: Add FC Views to allow access to all 12 switches from the FC-6.

FC: Add 'Current' display options for the toggle functions.

FC: Mini-LCD text for Per-Preset Placeholders with no functions assigned to them.

FC: Exit Tuner when a switch is tapped if that switch has Tuner as a Hold function.


I'm not sure if this is on Axe-Edit or the firmware update, but I got "This amp does not yet have an authentic layout in the editor" message when opening up the Authentic tab on the Triple Crown models:

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 7.29.47 PM.png


Trying it out now and it sounds amazing. I have my TC100 here to reference as well. :) The great thing about this amp is it's very easy to dial in, and so far the model is just as easy. Very little tweaking required, although you can always tweak away if you want to.

Also, so far I've found the following. If you want a great EOB tone ala channel 1 - use the Triple Crest 2, drop the Input Drive to 0.75, leave everything else at defaults and add some London Plate reverb. Of course tweak away from there as you wish but it sounds pretty darn good just as is.
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Dear, it seems to me that there is an error when I pass from one preset to another in fc 12, jump from a 3 even if preset + 1 and preset -1 are set
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