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Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.00 Public Beta #2

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Who here remember the "holy shitballs" firmware for the Axe-Fx II ? :) I'm pretty sure it was firmware 10, the first generation of firmwares, before they had names, back in 2013
Yeah, back before Quantum. I used to have a notebook that I kept track of & made note of particularly good firmware’s. Unfortunately I lost it when I moved from CT to FL.


Who here remember the "holy shitballs" firmware for the Axe-Fx II ? :) I'm pretty sure it was firmware 10, the first generation of firmwares, before they had names, back in 2013
I came very close here to invoking that semi sacred phrase to describe this new FW Yesterday..I certainly said it to myself.


I'm a bedroom user and most of the fw-updates concerning the sound are out of my hearing range, but this one really kicks me for the high gain stuff, the sound is becoming more 'live'.
Could not stand for the software sims for pc-s and got an AxeFx instead, there is only one life to live :)
Really appreciate all the effort what goes into the making of this stuff!


Good lord !

This sounds stellar - my Mark II C+ from Austin Buddy sounds incredible. Here comes another unproductive day in the office ha ha


I remember the Holy Shit balls ! when I moved to AFX2 with FW10...back to 2013 april..
Love this AFX3+FW10 tones.
Find the "Gain enhancer" having a major impact to make an amp more "alive"


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I still remember getting the AxeFx Ultra and a Mesa Mark V around the same time back in 2010 (if memory serves). The Mark V was awesome but overpowered for mostly in home playing. I got the AxeFx a few weeks later and I remember "feeling" the amps push and pull immediately and knowing within a few minutes I was going to return the Mark V. It was a whole new paradigm in modelers and it's only gotten better with each new model and firmware update. Onward and upward, my friends!


Hope to have release version today with updated Drive block.
Often people are praising the work ethic and speed of releases on here - and I agree, amazing job.

I think (as someone who's worked their whole life in software development too) - it's worth applauding the way the code is designed. The speed and accuracy (low level of real issues, easily ability to rollback etc) clearly points to some pretty outstanding design decisions.

So thank you - and hats off sir!


Crazy days....
I don't know how many times I have said "This is it...no more amp updates....just perfect and impossible to improve"....and that was already back in the axe-fx II days.
Now, I have no idea if this is ever going to end. Huge improvements on a weekly basis....I'm stunned :)

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I had to stop by to show some appreciation for this firmware. Normally I’ll load a new FW and think, “yup, this still sounds great.” But the improvements from 9.1 and 10 b2 feels like a completely different unit in the best way. The amps feel more alive and make me want to go deeper than default settings and a great IR. Getting a cool tone and then tweaking the speaker impedance and gain enhancer just takes things to a whole new level.

I’m excited to experience the new drive block improvements too. This thing is ridiculous!
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