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Axe-Fx III Factory Presets Release 19.04

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems

Axe-Fx III factory presets have been updated for firmware version 19.04 or newer
These were done with much help from @chris @2112 @iaresee @Cooper Carter @austinbuddy @Mark Day, with additional thanks to @yek

Among various small improvements, these new presets feature adjustments for the CNFB modeling, also taking advantage of new effect types and features. They adjust for the compressor "overhaul", and correct an issue where the Sequencer had been set to "pause" in older presets. A few Easter Eggs are included.

1. An ALL BANKS file is now included. It overwrites the first 384 presets from just one installation.
2. As always, it is recommend that you back up your current presets before any major update or installation.

As always, thank you for choosing Fractal Audio Systems.


Greg Ferguson

Do they work with the fm3? any idea when the new factory presets for the fm3 will be released? cheers!
I suspect not, yet. The FM3 and FM9 lag behind the FX3 firmware. Once they and their associated editors are updated they should be able to, as long as they can physically run the presets. Fractal will update/adjust the presets to fit in the smaller siblings soon though.


Once again, Fractal rewards the customer with value after the purchase. Masters in the lost art of increasing the value, and not following the industry standard of “best friend at checkout, stranger at the door.”

I‘ve been back to Fractal’s checkout page many times. Other musician-centric companies could learn a lot from that.
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