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Axe-Fx III Factory Presets for Version 11.xx

Tommy Tempest

Power User
NOTE: If you overwrite your presets with this new preset pack, the impedance cabinet settings will reflect the proper setting and the presets will be updated.
So if you are worried about not being able to check the difference between your current setting and the new setting, do not update to these presets.
For me, after playing with a few, I installed the new preset pack, because all the presets sound better with the updated info, than when it was set to null. The tone separation and clarity of the preset is great. And I can still change to a different cab choice in the amp block, to see if I like something better.


Allready saw some presets that have been really worked over, scenes added etcetera (check out Mr. Gilmour Lead patch! The HiWatt SIC in this patch isn't even implemented yet and it is so much nicer + more scenes than the previous iteration), this is really exciting stuff... and I had planned to have an early night sleep....😳
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