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Axe-Fx III Factory Presets 16.04


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I could be wrong, but isn’t this a pretty momentous moment in modelling? I can’t remember there being pretty much universal praise and acclaim for any factory presets, not even close. Normally, it’s always “Factory presets suck, make your own.” and similar comments.
My answer: Sure seems like it, but I gave up on multi-effects units way back with the ART SGE (realizing of course, that unit wasn't state of the art), and have never had a modeller of any sort until the Axe Fx III Mk II. So I can only go by what I hear (unbelievable) and read (lots of praise for these latest re-worked presets, post Cygnus.) I'm very glad to be a part of this, at this time. And everything sounds so amazing, and there's so many examples of complex effects in these presets, that I don't care if there's ever another FW update. It's that good.
New factory preset banks for the Axe-Fx III have been released on our web site.

These require firmware version 16.04 or newer. They have been optimized for Cygnus and also "enhanced" with new presets, new scenes, performance controls, and more. A ReadMe is included, covering the details of how to install.


Thanks to everyone who helped with comments during the various preview releases.
Thanks to the beta team members who did a lot of work on these, especially @2112 @iaresee @chris and @hippietim @simeon, and @Cooper Carter, plus the many others who created presets for this set, including @edo @austinbuddy @Larry Mitchell Pete Thorn, @Marco Fanton @Burgs @Scott Peterson @fremen @Mark Day, Steve Stevens, Devin Townsend, and more.

And thank YOU for choosing and continuing to support Fractal Audio Systems.
Chuckleheads around the world rejoice!


Fractal Fanatic
All right I must confess… I finally got around to playing Limelight and Fly-by-Night presets in the new release on 16.04.

I have previously built my own Rush presets … but I swear that with hardly any tweaks (i.e. input trim up +.05) these two are fun as can be against the recordings!

Really very good and exceptional! More love for all you all are doing. 🤩


Who created the brilliant Blitz III profile at preset number 340?

Would be nice if every preset featured a little hint as to who might be behind the preset, maybe a small signature in the scenes window. All presets are good in this newest batch of banks, but some are even gooder (I'm talking about Matt's and Leon's profiles :D ). I would like to thank everybody involved in this preset creation process! Amazing work, guys!

Not sure if this video was posted anywhere else, but this is just amazing:

I have to go over each and every preset, the few ones I tried were so good. Never had that experience before with factory presets!


Using Fractool I've found a couple of presets that still refers to some user cabs (in an unused channels though, so it doesn't actually matter).
Not sure if helpful to anybody but I'll still report them here:

  • 97 [Who's Next?] ; Cab1-Channel D -> [U1]64
  • 287 [Run like Heck] ; Cab1-Channel B,C,D -> [U1]3


Dang these presets are good. Some are instant favorites without any tweaking at all. There's something for everybody, and lot's of it! Thanks to all the guys who worked on, and shared these. It's just one more reason Fractal smokes the competition with ease.


Hi everyone ,
Is there a preset , a scene that aims at recreating the sound of the Shadows , like Apache … or else ??
Thanks !!!!!


Hi everyone ,
Is there a preset , a scene that aims at recreating the sound of the Shadows , like Apache … or else ??
Thanks !!!!!
In the AXE-Exchange there are some presets for older devices that can be converted with Fractools.
However, have not convinced me and require a lot of effort. The parameters used no longer fit the current firmware.

Look in Axe-Exchange for Multitap Heaven by Rajnar Scene 1 is a good start for this.
At least I think so.

Thanks Rajnar!


@StratnVox posted a collection of Shadows presets a while back that are really great:

Hi guys,

Yes I have upgraded them to Cygnus 16.x. I think they sound great again but I have used custom IR's (bought commercially) rather than the factory ones largely because there are so few British Vox Celestion Blue cabs with Neumann U47 mics are various distances. I guess it's because I attempt to achieve tones close to the original Shadows recordings. The span of years, engineers, studios etc. meant subtle mic placements can change a good sound into a great one. My experimentation bears that out.
While Hank B. Marvin expressed dislike for reverb preferring echo and delay, it was used by the engineers with or without his knowledge to create the master.
So what I can do is export my presets with my cabs in place and then you can select your own cabs to create the best sound you can. Please reply in this thread.


Hi StratnVox,

I would be very interested as I also play the titles of The Shadows and The Spoticks for myself. Are the IR still available for purchase?

Thank you in advance


Speaking of the presets...
I realize there must be a completely valid reason, but I still struggle with one notion of presets. This includes the awesome guys out there prescribing technique.

So here comes my stupid question.
Disclaimer: Careful, as I'm not complaining at all - just asking. This is coming from a guy who always uses his volume and tone knobs on the guitar. I always had the kind of amp set-up that cleaned up just fine using the guitar. I also generally custom tune the tone circuit in each guitar, so that both the volume and tone circuits weren't thick blankets.

Why are some presets louder than others at the base scene? For an example (and his may not be completely valid, but you'll know what I mean), the Hipower and the AC-20 Deluxe.

Looking for the correct answer and insight.
This gear is perfect, so I know the reason will be perfect as well.
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