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Axe-Fx III Factory Preset Banks 16p03 - Preview

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Cliff, Matt, and all -- thanks for all the hard work. Recently received my new III mk2, which is (counting on fingers) my 5th or 6th Axe-Fx, going back to the Ultra. I've migrated away a few times, but end up coming back each time. It looks like I came back at the right time! Can't wait to get lost in the new presets.


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On the Per-Preset Performance Control page, you will find a "BABA ARP Threshold" Control.

Also, you only need to pick 8th notes. Watch my hands in this video:
I get so many requests for this song at my live shows. No excuse not to learn it now!

I just need to add the violin patch for the end.


@Admin M@ 0309 - East Wes - Scene 2 (Comp Off), Comp is still on (I also assume it should be off for Scene 5 (Dry Amp)).

These presets are ridiculously good. I am going through coloring them to categorize and tag presets that I will actually use. In the past, I'd tag maybe 10% of them. With this release, I am over 50%! Excellent work - add my voice to the chorus of praise!


I'm enjoying watching it update on the unit because it loads the original preset before updating so you can see all the new scenes that have been added. It must have been a huge amount of work!


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I've been going through bank A and have found some new "keepers" and some new effects setting. FAS is fast dispelling the notion that factory presets suck!!

I did find a volume discrepancy in preset 162: FAS Lead 1+2. Amp Channel A has Master Volume @ 7.5, Level = -19; Channel B has Master Volume = 5, Level = -19 but is much lower in actual volume. Increasing MV to @ 8.50 or Level to @ -10 corrected the volume difference on my Axe III.


This is really, really smart. I like the way the new presets are organized, and they just sound amazing.


Hey there

Just found one of the most insane high gain presets on my axe at the moment.

I allways played the Mark day's recto, but now with the new released presets it screems out of my speakers.. holy crap i love it. I was creating a preset for tapping (learning the tap skills) so the tap is like a picked note.. wow this preset does it all. The Pantera cemetery gates high pitch whammy trick can be played really good. Love it thank you for that 🙏

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Dave Merrill

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★ Axe-Fx III Factory Preset Banks are now ready for firmware 16.03 ★

Thank you for your continued excitement about the new factory presets.
The rest of Bank A is now "enhanced" with new bonus scenes, Performance Controls, and other exciting additions including a few uses of some of the newest features. @2112 and @iaresee deserve a very special thank you for helping with this project.

IMPORTANT: These banks require a minimum firmware version of 16.03.

The easiest way to install is to use the "All Banks" file, included in the zip.

This is considered a "Preview" release because it won't appear on the web site or go on production units yet.
Is that the only reason it's still considered preview? I really dug the final preset release before this still working through them. I'd happily go again if they're final, but I'd rather wait of there's going to be another preset release soon.


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Thank you FAS! This makes me really want to take Cooper Carters Master class. The Axe FX III is just such a powerful piece of equipment I really
want to know how to utilize more of what it can do.


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Hey @Admin M@ a question about "EkkoPlek Juniors" revised - if I turn the roto off in scene 8, is it identical to the previous version? Thanks!
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