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Axe-Fx III Cygnus Factory Preset Banks A, B, and C

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An hour just flew by using the piezo of my PRS SE HB II into the "Direct Injects" preset. Ton of songs with those 8 scenes. Great foundation to tweak on as well. Blending an F12-X200 / SD PS 170 with a pair of CLRs. Thank you @Admin M@ and all contributors!!!
Axe-Fx III Factory Preset Banks A, B, and C — optimized for Cygnus firmware version 16.02 — are now ready for you to try and enjoy

IMPORTANT: These banks require firmware version 16.02, available here:
After installing firmware 16.02, use Fractal-Bot to send the new preset banks to your unit. Using the "All Banks" file is most convenient, as it installs all 384 presets at once, overwriting the current contents of Banks A, B, and C on your unit.


As you know from the A/B preview, those banks were converted and polished, with numerous improvements.
Now, Bank C has been enhanced even further, with so many new and/or improved presets I lost track. Digging deep on this one, I drew from my personal private collection, plus the "Artist Preset" packs we've shared, and even included some submissions from Leon @2112 Todd, Brett @Burgs Kingman, @edo Sounds, @austinbuddy, @fremen, and @Mark Day. Special thanks to @simeon Harris for allowing us to "tap" into his awesome library of Multitap Delay blocks ;-)

We are very grateful for your appreciation of the previous "preview" release, and for your comments that allow fixing any issues. Once any new comments come in I will quickly produce a final version and put these on our website and into production.

This is definitely the best cult I’ve ever joined.

Brian Coonan

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@Admin M@ The Pitch Follower preset didn't show up on my FC12 correctly. It looks like some per-preset definitions were put into the Scene Layout that I didn't put in there - maybe worth a look? Possible it's my config but literally every other factory preset that I auditioned behaved as normal except this one. Switches 1 and 2 were completely dark as if nothing was there but 1 said Top Ten 1 and 2 said Megatap. thought it was odd.


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Damn I gotta get to bed! I've a week off (next project starts Tuesday) so I've been at it every day, but today, aside from a couple breaks, I've been playing since around 1PM, and its now midnight! Holy shit this is a great piece of gear.

And I'm done! I couldn't imagine needing another FW update or any changes to these presets.
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