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Axe Fx III and Power Station 2


Just a quick personal note on this setup, and how amazing it sounds. I considered numerous power amp options but always knew I needed to try the Power Station, in order to get what most people consider the "closest" to sounding like a traditional tube amp setup. My PS came this weekend, and I will say this setup sounds SOOOO good.

I ran: Axe III > PS > Matchless 212 cab. I compared it to my tube amp (Matchless Independence) and it's honestly VERY close. Like 95% there. It has me now second guessing keeping the tube amp, which this amp has always been my "deserted island amp", for what that's worth. If you're on the fence about this setup-- TRY IT

Only thing to keep in mind-- if you're planning on running a real cab as well as running into the PA, this may not be your best option as the required settings needed to make the PS/real cab sound good, will also affect the tone of the signal you send to the PA.

I'll share my settings and setup just in case anyone needs this info later on. I've also attached some photos of my settings. Keep in mind if you have Scenes set up, you'll need to adjust and save each scene individually.

Axe Settings:

Cab block off
Amp Block: Speaker tab: turn off both HF and LF Resonance
Amp Block: Speaker Drive tab: set Speaker Drive, Compression, and Compliance to 0

PS Settings:

Run the Axe into the Line In on back
Set Brite and Warm switches to Flat
Presence and Depth knobs at 12 noon
(Use Hi or Lo input switch to your personal preference)


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you could always run one amp block to FOH with the settings you need for that and one to the power amp/Cab with the settings for that
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