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Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 8 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #5

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Everything's sounding good for me here. 👍
I mean... Does anyone really know what "Cathode Time Const" actually does?
At least one person does.
I'm pretty sure Cliff has explained it very concisely here on the forum but I still don't know what it does, lol.

On another note, when Cliff releases a firmware version with no changes to the amp modeling whatsoever, I wonder if the FAS crew has an office pool to see how many posts into the thread it takes before someone mentions the [insert amp model here] sounds different with the new FW than it did with the last one. :)


I can't put my finger on it but I decided to go back to 5 from 8 and 5 feels and sounds better.......... 8 feels like the midrange is scooped out. 8 seems to make things sound the same again.
I would start with checking the Master Volume (in addition to the overall volume) as there seems to be some changes/variations in the MV taper (log15 v.s. authentic). My way of getting the sound I want from the Axe Fx III is to always check the "Headroom" VU in the authentic page. For amps designed to rely on pre-amp distortion I try to have some headroom in the Power Amp and for amps designed to get the distortion from the Power Amp I let it go into saturation. And as always; there are no rules and I try to use my ears instead of my eyes (i.e. I sometimes find "my" sound when the distortion come from both pre- and power amps). I also find the "Headroom" VU very useful when dialling in a "clean to mean" preset. By adjusting the different volumes on the Axe Fx III the "mean" distorted sound can be based on pre-amp, power-amp or a combination.

This seems to (or should) be common knowledge for Fractal-users but I somehow get the impression that the importance of the MV as a tone shaping tool is forgotten.
I kindly request the Forum participants to stick to the topic of the threads. When reading a thread on the Cygnus Beta xx FW I want to find tips and useful information (including user feedback and possible bugs) regarding the FW and not waste my time on reading about languages, other gear and off-topic items. This has been requested many times so: LISTEN UP CHUCKLEHEADS :)
And finally; I am Norwegian so please accept my sincere apologies if my humble attempts in expressing myself using a foreign language hurts someones feelings......;);).


There were no changes to the modeling engine nor those particular models between Beta 5 and Beta 8.
Ok. I understand. I only wrote about my subjective feelings. I changed the firmware a few new-old ones. The same feelings all the time. Fortunately, you can go back to the older version :)


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How do you know we don't ALREADY have a placebo knob? :eek:
People think placebo means no effect at all. That's no true. In (seriuos) medical test, there are 3 group: no treat, placebo, treat. The placebo scores +5/+10%. The treat is efective if above 15/20%, sometimes even 5/10% if the stats are proper.
So placebo is a real effect (something that affect both mind & body).

My name is mud

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Changed all the cabs in 30 presets with 30 différents amps ✅

I’m back with 4 irs at the same time, now the sound is BIG. Even the 5150 block sounds tight .
And maybe tomorrow I will dislike the result, so enjoy what you have done today .
Fractal life 🔫
No problems with latest beta so .


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I still don’t have a decent rectifier tone with the triple recto. Hard to reproduce the impact and ohmmff in palm mute you have in front of the stack while playing through studio monitors 😐.
Like watching a Harley Davidson on tv .
Hope to have better result with the dual,thordenthal, waiting for the triple crown too
I really want to have a cool recto tone with the axe . If I cannot have it I will buy a dual I think cause I miss this tone so much. It seems that this amp is hard to be modeled

Missing the oomph?

Turn up your volume.


I'm going to roll back to FW 15.01 for now. I only need to re-install FW 15.01 and Axe Edit Version 1.08.07, correct? Do I need to change the USB firmware too?

Manny Fufish

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I'm going to roll back to FW 15.01 for now. I only need to re-install FW 15.01 and Axe Edit Version 1.08.07, correct? Do I need to change the USB firmware too?
The current axe edit released for the beta will work fine with 15.01. Just settings/refresh it after you roll back to 15.01. No need to do anything regarding USB drivers


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I got it.
But in the latest official firmware, HBE 2018 sounds tighter.
Which model should I take if I prefer HBE 2018 tone in the current official firmware?
Check your default parameters like low cut in the preamp block
one guy above said his preset changes were gone , so that might be why a certain model is different

York Audio

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There’s been a lot of praise over the high gain and Class-A style amps, but I’ve been FLOORED by the Fender stuff in Beta 8. The Princeton AA964 has been so much fun to play. The touch sensitivity is absolutely incredible and there’s a “string clarity” and immediacy that really showcases the nuances of dynamic playing.

Outstanding work, Cliff.
I see the list of amps getting longer. Do you have any idea when we can expect a full firmware release? I usually wait to update until after the Beta, because if possible stability issues. I can't wait for this update, though! ;-)
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