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Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

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Man! Sounding killer! Chunk for days! One thing I noticed is my wah is not sounding smooth. Maybe it needs recalibration with this beta?


Had a quick thrash this afternoon with a few models

Leon, that 1st clip with the USA Lead mid gain model and your IR is one of the best sounding lead tones I've ever heard, incredible. When you have some spare time if you could share that preset/IR it would really be awesome and greatly appreciated, would love to play with that on my PRS. This new FW sounds so good.


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Installed 16 and played for a while this morning on SLO100 + couple of others w no fx.

Initial 2cents:
  • Sounds more cab in the room like via my studio monitors.
  • More low end punch.
  • More Dynamic.
  • Chords ringing out seem to have a kind of "zing" feel/tone - like when I was a kid throwing fastballs - "thud...zing". Maybe it was there before but seems like something new or more in the face.
  • More "grain" / less "hair" maybe, or just ..."more gravel".
  • Very raw sounding. I'll need to step up my fx dialing-in abilities to get the refined/recorded tones I like best as a mid level player who wants my playing deficiencies covered up lol!. Worth it though as I feel so far, the core tone in 16 may make a "trueer foundation" for processed tones that have compression/fx added.


I never had to leave the default parameters (first page) on the Triaxis Lead 2 Yellow (except I like to play with the Mark output graphic 5 band, a little to dip the mids - my guitar (Suhr- mahogany) is very honky)

Back off the volume knob, Input Drive at around 6, Gain at 3..., treble at around 8, bass at around 2.5 So Holdsworthy Wow! WOW!
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