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Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 12 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Release Candidate

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Joe Bfstplk

I can't play like Carlos, I don't sound like Carlos, but I love this song!
Cygnus 16b12
Excellent! Totally nailed the feedback/sustains, too!

That was one of my trademark bits back in the day - getting that "forever sustain" going. On one studio track from '89, I hit it on the head on the scratch track take, and leading into the end solo (where I wasn't even supposed to be), I got a sustained note going and held it for about 2.5 minutes until the end of the song. The engineer ended up using it as a tuning standard to tune the tape to the bagpipes (it was their solo) and panned/faded my sustained note in for effect throughout....

EDIT: Found a link to the track:
Listen to Home by JohnnyFries on #SoundCloud
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Do you think having collector's plates hanging on the wall next to a Marshall half-stack is a good ideaI rotate
Do you think having collector's plates hanging on the wall next to a Marshall half-stack is a good idea?
Lol. My post mentioned that my smart-aleck wife saw that I had dragged the plexi out. She and a friend hung those plates there as a joke, to prevent me from diming the amp. This weekend it goes back into hibernation. It’s been a while since I played with one of the Super Reverbs. So next I’ll see how that compares with the AF3.

Omri Bazelet

Must say that with the 5153 and all the high gain I experienced some sounds that are phaser like, without that I insert a phaser block.
Totally weird thing.
I will post a preset soon


You don't say which firmware revision you were on. If it was 15.1 (Ares) then probably only the amp block needs to be looked at. If it was prior to 15.1, which introduced a lot of changes to the drive block, then you might need to check those too.

I found that after tweaking the amp block I'd sometimes use a different variation of the cab that I liked better for that particular purpose.
I always update to the full release, so I'm on 15.1 now.


can someone tell me - what will be the difference between beta 12 and official release? Just fixing final minor bugs or some amps algorithms will be changed too? Thanks!


Anyone tried the Energyball model? It sounds drastically different in a good way. I haven't played a real ENGL Powerball in a long time but the model sounds much closer to what I remember.
Oooh this is exciting, I'm gonna have to play with that. Any tips for dialing it in? I had no luck at all last time I tried
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