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Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

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Fractal Audio Systems
One more before final release:

NOTE: If using Axe-Edit you will need to do Settings->Refresh After Firmware Update to update the amp model list.

Almost all amp models are finished. Rather than listing those that are finished here are the ones that have been finished but not verified:
Carol-Ann OD2
Blankenship Leeds
Gibson Scout
Supro 1624T
Bludotone Ojai
Divided by 13 CJ11
Twin Reverb Silverface
Orange AD200
Subway Blues
Dr. Z Maz-8
Dr. Z Route 66
Carr Rambler

And here are the ones still left to do:
Cali Leggy
Divided by 13 FTR37
Diezel VH4 Silver
Engl Powerball
Carvin Legacy
Orange Rockerverb
Princeton 5F2
SVT Bass
Two Rock Jet35
Strategy 400 Bass

Release notes for Beta 11:
Tweaked cathode follower algorithm slightly to improve accuracy.

New Speaker Dynamics modeling. The Speaker Dynamics control adjusts the amount of virtual voice coil heating. Higher values result in more heating and commensurately higher voice coil resistance. The Speaker Time Constant will be reset to 2 seconds for existing presets. A typical guitar speaker has a voice coil thermal time constant in the range of several seconds.

Fixed excessive bias excursion for amps with capacitor on cathode follower output, i.e. Dirty Shirley, Friedman BE/HBE.

Fixed Presence taper for Diezel models.

Reworked all Friedman BE/HBE models based on latest version of amp. There are now three "Voicings": V1, V2 and V3 corresponding to the three positions of the Voice switch.
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Woohoo... and on a Sunday? Thank you! I'll load it up after I finish working on my lawn mower. You should relax and have a beer!
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