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Axe FX II to Digital Optical In of Audio Interface


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I have the one (or very similar) that iaresee recommended. I just switched to an Audient iD14 myself. I was having issues with latency creeping in when running my Axe-FX II (Mk1) via USB to my DAW and using the Audient for playback. Worked with Audient support to try many different scenarios.

Finally, connected the Audient to the Axe-FX via SPDIF with the TOSLINK converter and that took care of it.


Alright I got a SPDIF to TOSLINK converter and works perfectly except, I'm getting a weird clipping sound every 10 seconds or so when I play through the axe fx into the iD14. There's no issue at all when I use the audient to playback stuff from my laptop. I recorded a small thing with the clipping. Let me know what you think and if you have any idea what might be causing it.

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