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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.01 Beta

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Resetting the Amp block is explained here and here.
Thanks, great. As I never operated any total reset of the amp blocks since I bought the unit in 2012......it.seems to be useful to reset all amps and reparameter all from scratch.
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I didn't like the fw beta 9.0, and had no time to try the official release. I downloaded the 9.01 beta, played an hour : it's tha bomb :) . It sounds really good. Thanks Cliff ans FAS team


Had a gig last nite and used beta 9.1....tweaked one of my presets beforehand, mostly a slight increase in master volume to offset the speaker compression which was around 4, for a Lonestar preset.. had a nice tone and my fingers weren’t fightin’ it. I’ve only had this box for a few months and I’m still trying to get a handle on all these volume knobs. Ha!! Really enjoying this fractal community, Cliff’s artistry and commitment to excellence.


God dam!! The speaker driver section and speaker comp is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! It really helps with taking the harshness from some of the speakers through my Atomic CLR active speaker i have. MUCH MUCH better and more authentic sounding cab tones now. It was really hard to dial in some cabs before, and now it allows for a really nice softer edge to the speakers if you need that. WOW!!! Big improvement! "THANKS"

P.S. i just purchased the Austin Buddies preset pack, and holy moly they are so very good, and now with this updated speaker driver and speaker comp section, the tones are much easier to dial in. If anyone hasn't got the austin buddies preset pack, DO IT!
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