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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.02 Firmware Release


I am extremely happy with the amp modeling. Thanks Fractal for a great product that keeps getting even better. I actually wouldn't mind not having to adjust my presets for a while -- though that, of course, is completely up to me.


You guys are amateurs. We're gonna need a good old fashioned dumpster fire Dumble tone discussion to coerce Cliff to post an update and get us back on track. Here are a few starters...

HRM/non-HRM switch location in Axe Edit?

Should I run the crystal lattice block in serial or parallel?

Oh, BTW I'm having the best time of my life with this box. The JCM 800 #34 is fantastic, and I've just started with the Tweed Deluxe for some swampier stuff. Something new to find and sometimes tweak to glory in here every day.
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Hey, my Axe-FX and AX8 versions are in sync. I have nothing to tweak. Why rock the boat?

(...except, I really, really want to buy a couple of those shrunken down expression pedals that were mentioned a while back... :confused: )


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This native is having a blast plunking on the latest firmware. I just come here when my fingers get sore. :)
Me too but the boss has some of us addicted so bad we think we need more or better on a regular basis.
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