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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.02 Public Beta

Just curious since I haven't yet loaded this FW and I haven't really ever used motor drive: is this effect apparent for clean and edge of breakup tones, or only distorted tones?
VERY good for slight breakup of clean tones as well as gainier stuff. Reminds me of a vocal preamp.
Updated and I just got done playing my "vudoo" strat for hours... I've been along for this wild ride since the Ultra days. It has just been unreal how this little black box has just got more and more amazing. Hard to find the words to describe it all with words. Especially with the musicians vocabulary. ;)
Thanks, Cliff and team at FAS with all the gratitude I can muster.
I just pulled up a stock 5153 red amp, didn't change a thing, not even low cut. Added one of the ownhammer gb cabs. Motor drive on 4db. Then at the end of the chain I added an optical 2 compressor with line selected. No other changes. I can't stop playing. Amazing feel!
I really like the new Optical compressors. One complaint I have about compressors is that you either get too much compression or not enough. One thing I really like about my Strymon OB.1 compressor is that it does that "barely there" thing really well, where it adds just the right about of sweetening without being overpowering. Playing with the Optical 1 compressor gets really close to that.

thats why I LOVE my xotic SP comp with its med, lo, and hi mini toggle, and blend knob, best options on a stompbox comp i ever used..
random question (all of mine are!): given the brand new motor drive in this release (I don't think I've ever played with it before, it looks like an "advanced" parameter) why is everyone talking about optical compressors? Is it just hangover from 7.01 (which we're all entitled to!), or is there some well known relationship between the two?

(part of me can see how motor drive -> speaker+air mass -> inertia -> inductance -> slower transient response, perhaps like the thermal mass+inductance of turning on an incandescent source as used in an old school compressor. Or maybe motor drive is related to a motor/generator relationship of the speaker trying to drive the amp if the coil voltage is leading the output terminals, which would tend towards lower frequencies and higher power (more energy being fed back and subtracting from the unladen "perfect" output)? I can see some dots, but I can't seem to join them, this is all just a random guess...)
Cliff,I'm telling you this: you are as big as Steve Jobs ! Man do I need some time to play my guitar !
This new Motordrive tool is very nice - quite differerent to the old, which made only a additional kind of overdrive.

It helps a lot for clean/break up tones, funky stuff to come alive without using compressor block, setting around 6. About 7,5 it´s getting very directly, also great for pickings. Chicken picker will love it.

But - the effect is always there - also if I don´t push the cab hard . Could it be dynamic - depending on the right hand?

Here a try with the AC 20/LM Cab, first with Motordrive on 6, second on zero.
It´s quite hard to do a update after the sunday breakfast.......:confused:

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Looking forward to give this a go.
Gig last night with 7.01.
I don't know what could be improved.
High notes were never so full and clear.
Leads were singing all over the place.
Always nice if you come after a band with tube amps and the soundman complements you on your sound.
Thanks Cliff.
Best investment I ever made.
That and my Larkin Geetars ;-)
Mark I/II:



Axe-Fx II Quantum Firmware Release Notes


Improved Motor Drive algorithm in Cabinet block. New algorithm more accurately models the compression of guitar loudspeakers by factoring in the reactive aspects of the compression.

A gain monitor has been added to the Mix page in the GUI menu to assist in adjusting the amount of compression. Note that typical guitar speakers have around 3-6 dB of compression when driven hard with American speakers being on the low end of that range and British speakers being on the high end. Some speakers can exhibit even more compression than this with compression amounts of 8 dB or more depending upon the magnetic materials used and the construction of the speaker motor.
Thank you very much!
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