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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta


In the meanwhile I'm loving 7 beta this is with previous FW and amps as well...

That guitar tone :confused:


Ed DeGenaro

@Ed DeGenaro great track. I had my computer running through my studio monitors and sub pretty cranked up.

Not used to a proper track on the computer... HELLO kick drum!!! :)

Who was playing keys on that?
It's Atma Anur's solo stuff he wrote it, played drums and did the key vsmp...also mixed it.
Tom Bura who plays with Alex Hutchings, did the key solo, and Joop Walters (who did tons of stuff with Atma as well as plays on Devin Townsend's drummers prog stuff) joined me on guitars.


Its nuts......it seems this beta can just sound better and better without much urging, like it has evolved its own AI and is improving on its own.....Cliff must have something really special (pee-worthy from what he says.) for the final...unless he has already complied to the new Borg-Quantum. (ok...so i may be a little buzzed...it is The Big Game Day, after all..)


Fractal Fanatic
Even the latest beta on my AX8 sounds amazing loud. I finally got a chance to be the only person in the church, so I cranked the volume. Good times, good times.

I'm really excited about FW Q7.
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